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Indoor Photoshoot Locations Near Me | Indoor Photoshoot Location Ideas

Indoor Photoshoot Locations Near Me | Indoor Photoshoot Location Ideas

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Why indoor photoshoot location ideas?

If you’re asking yourself, “Where are the best indoor photoshoot locations near me?”- you’ve come to the right place!  Is the weather outside frightful?  Perhaps you’re living in a frozen tundra of freezing rain, sleet, or snow.  Or perhaps you have the opposite problem.  Is it the middle of summer time and you can’t stand outside longer than 5 minutes without getting third degree burns?  Regardless of your plight with the great outdoors, we’re here to help you brainstorm some indoor photoshoot location ideas.

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Top 76 Pretty Indoor Places to Take Pictures Near Me

  1. Your Wedding Venue
    If you’re planning an engagement session, bridal session, or even a family portrait session and looking for an indoor location idea, check out your wedding venue! They may have a special deal for weekday portrait sessions when the space isn’t being used, and maybe even offer a special deal to you since you’re already a client of theirs.

    Fuqua Conservatory - Atlanta Botanical Gardens Wedding Photos
  2. Your Church/ Place of Worship
    If religion plays a key part in your relationships, consider your place of worship as an indoor backup location idea for your portrait session.

  3. Your Home
    Look no further than the comforts of your own home! If you go this route, communicate with your photographer ahead of time to discuss the best practices in getting your home photo ready!

  4. A Friend’s Home
    For whatever reason, if your own home isn’t an option, ask around to friends and family members for an alternative indoor location.
  5. Your Community Clubhouse/ Leasing Office/ Business Center
    If you live in a community that offers a clubhouse to residents, consider this as a location for an indoor backup plan for your portrait session. Always check with the clubhouse rules ahead of time for their photography policies. (Would you be required to rent the space, is flash photography permitted, etc)

  6. Your Place of Work
    Depending on how photogenic your place of work is, you might have the perfect hook up to have your portrait session at a unique location most wouldn’t have the opportunity to have.
  7. The Gym!
    The gym makes a great idea for a fitness themed portrait session. If health plays a key role in your relationships or family life, this could be the perfect option for you. Just make sure to check with your gym establishment ahead of time for their rules and photography policies.
  8. Hotel Lobby
    Fancy hotels have fancy lobby areas & shared communal spaces. Often times they are also decorated for the holidays and can be a perfect idea for an indoor portrait session idea. If considering booking a portrait session at a hotel, be sure to check with the hotel staff what their photo policies are ahead of time and if you’re required to pay a fee to utilize their spaces. It’s also important to ask about their rules in booking a portrait session there. They might also have great recommendations for the best times of day where the hotel communal areas are the least crowded.

    The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North in Atlanta, GA
  9. Hostel
    Depending where you live, hostels could be plenty.
  10. Resort
    If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with beautiful resorts, this could be a perfect option for an indoor portrait session location idea. Be sure to check with them in advance to ask about fees, permits, and rules required to photograph within their facilities.
  11. Airbnb
    There are so many kinds of airbnb’s and vrbo’s and other rental spaces to choose from. The WORLD is your oyster! Be sure to contact the property/ home owner in advance to inquire about their photo policies. Some may even offer a discount for a partial day rental if they know you won’t be spending the night in the space.

    The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North in Atlanta, GA hotel window
  12. Your College Campus/ Educational Institution
    If you are currently in school, or have friends in school, or have friends who teach at school, this could be the perfect option depending on their decor style! Every education institution is different, so be sure to ask ahead of time about their photo policies.

  13. Coffee shop
    Coffee shops make a great indoor location idea for a cold winter day! Be sure to contact the establishment ahead of time to inquire about their photo policies and least crowded times of day. Sometimes you might also inquire about having your portrait session before or after operating hours if you really like the space.

  14. Favorite Restaurant
    For an engagement session location idea, a favorite restaurant could be just the place for a perfect indoor venue. Not only would you have the ability to eat at your favorite dining spot together, but you’d also have a chance to create photos that have an additional sentimental value to them. Be sure to call ahead of time to inquire about their photography policies, and recommended best times of day to avoid crowds.

  15. Go-to Bar/ Gastropub
    Similar to the restaurant idea, your preferred bar or gastropub makes for a great indoor location with plenty of personality and sentimental value. It’s best to call ahead of time to inquire about their photo policies and find the best times/ days to go when it’s least crowded. It may also be worth it to ask if it would be available for your session before or after hours.

  16. Winery
    We LOVE the idea of a beautiful winery/ vineyard for your portrait session! Not every winery/ vineyard will have a great indoor space available for a portrait session, so it’s worth it to visit them ahead of time to find the best one. When asking for permission, don’t forget to ask about the least crowded times of day and days of the week for your portrait session as well as what their photo policies might be like.
  17. Brewery
    If you love a good beer, consider having your engagement session at a brewery! Similar to wineries/ vineyards, not every brewery has a great indoor space for photos – so definitely check them out ahead of time. Always inquire about their photo policies, and best times of day/ days of the week to schedule your session (usually when it’s the least crowded)
  18. Cidery
    Right along up there with breweries and wineries, consider a cidery! If you don’t love wine or beer, a cidery could be the perfect spot for your indoor portrait session. Always check out the location in advance to see if it would be a suitable location for pictures. When inquiring with your cidery of choice, be sure to ask for their photo policies, and recommended best times of day and days of the week when it might be the least crowded.
  19. Meadery
    Relatively new to our list, and our local area – A meadery makes for a super cool photo session location!  Always be sure to check with them ahead of time on their photo policies.
  20. Favorite Bookstore
    We love the idea of a novelty bookstore! If you’re a bookworm, love books, or education in general, consider local bookstores in your area. Always ask for their photography policies in advance.
  21. Indoor Shopping Mall
    An indoor shopping mall has so much variety and diversity in terms of background ideas to choose from! Many shopping malls will also have various holiday displays & indoor courtyard options. It’s super important to check with the property management team ahead of time for their photo policies. Also note – every business located within the shopping mall may have their own policies regarding photography. If there are particular businesses you know you’d like to photograph in, it’s worth it to contact them directly (independently of the shopping mall property management team).
  22. Department Store
    A department store may have a similar feel to certain parts of an indoor shopping mall, but instead of checking with multiple businesses for their photo policies, you’d only be checking with one! A department store is also likely to have various holiday displays and textured walls (depending on the department store you’re considering).
  23. Nearby Museum/ Planetarium
    A Museum is such a FUN option. Every museum will photograph completely differently depending on the nature of the museum. Always be sure to contact the museum ahead of time for their photography policies. Some may charge a permit to schedule a photo session on their premises, and some may only charge an entry fee. When asking about photo policies, also make sure to review what type of lighting may or may not be brought into the museum. Some may have a strict no flash policy, or not allow separate light stands.
  24. Art Gallery
    Similar to a museum, an art gallery can make for a super cool indoor photo session location idea. While some museums may have two dimensional displays, some museums may also have three dimensional art installations or fully immersive exhibits! As always, inquire with the art gallery ahead of time on their photography policies.
  25. Concert hall
  26. Local Theatre/ Movie Theater
  27. City hall/ town hall
  28. Courthouse
  29. Civic Center/ Community Center
  30. Train station
  31. Library
  32. Book store
  33. Bowling Alley
  34. Sporting Arena/ Stadium
  35. A Greenhouse
  36. Aquarium
  37. Indoor Zoo
  38. Night Club/ Lounge
  39. Bakery/ Deli
  40. Consignment shop
  41. Record Store
  42. Antique Shop
  43. Video Game Arcade
  44. Co-working Space
  45. Historical Building
  46. Airport
  47. Billiards Hall
  48. Barn
  49. Gazebo
  50. Grocery Store
  51. Beauty Spa
  52. Fire Department
  53. Post Office
  54. Bed & Breakfast
  55. Flea Market
  56. Comedy Club
  57. Gun range
  58. Magic Shop
  59. Thrift Store
  60. Toy Store
  61. Pet Store
  62. Indoor Farmers Market
  63. Ice Cream Shop
  64. Casino
  65. Country Club
  66. Haunted House
  67. Indoor race track
  68. Boat/ Ship
  69. Escape Room
  70. Indoor put-put
  71. Indoor rock climbing
  72. Skating Rink
  73. Indoor Skate Park
  74. Indoor swimming pool
  75. Indoor Trampoline Park
  76. Bank
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Where can I shoot indoors for my engagement session?

If you’re asking yourself “where can I shoot indoors for my engagement session?!” to tell you the truth, there are a plethora of options available to you.  The sky is the limit! Hotels, airbnb locations, museums, concert halls, college campuses, city hall buildings, theatres, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, your place of work, your home, your friend’s home, apartment complex office/ business center, etc.  Virtually any establishment is an option to consider when you’re asking yourself – “Where are the pretty indoor places to take pictures near me?”


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Narrowing down an indoor photoshoot location

With there being so many options available to you, consider the type of photo shoot you’re envisioning and what type of a venue it might call for.  Are you looking for big, grandiose architecture?  Are you looking for something more cozy and intimate?

What type of venues do you have a personal or emotional connection with?  If you’re getting married soon and you have a hotel block booked out, you have a personal connection with that hotel.  If you’re getting married at a venue that has an awesome interior, consider asking your wedding venue if you can shoot there during the week when they’re not busy.  Do you and your fiance have a common date night spot or do you frequent a certain bar or restaurant often?  If so, you have a connection with these venues!

Aquarium Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography

Asking for permission

If you have a connection with a venue, GREAT!  Asking for permission to shoot there should be fairly easy if you already have a point of contact.  If you are calling a venue that you don’t already have a connection with, no worries!  Simply to ask to speak with the manager in charge and ask about their photography policies and if there are any admission or photography fees to shoot at their venue.  While some establishments will not charge you a fee to shoot there as long as you are a paying client (ie: buying coffee at a coffee shop, renting a hotel room at a hotel, buying admission tickets at a museum, etc), there are some establishment that will charge a photography fee regardless if you are a patron or not.  It’s best to contact these venues in advance to ensure enough time to reach the appropriate people in charge.


South Kitchen and Bar | Athens Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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The Best Indoor photoshoot location ideas

In conclusion, the best indoor photoshoot location ideas are the ones YOU LOVE.  We always find it be extra special to our couples when they select a venue that has meaning to them.  With the ideas written above, brainstorm away!  Your session is going to ROCK.  If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can see some of our previous indoor engagement sessions here.

Engagement Photo Outfits: What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Engagement Photo Outfits: What to Wear for Engagement Photos

What to wear - dress guide

Engagement Photo Outfits: What to Wear for Engagement Photos

One of my FAVORITE topics to discuss with our brides and grooms is what to wear for engagement photos!  While we have all kinds of tips and tricks to make the most of this photo shoot, our number one priority for all engagement photo outfits is for our couples to feel comfortable!  When you look good, you feel good!  Whether you’re looking for what to wear for engagement photos outdoors or indoors, engagement session outfits should be make you FEEL great!

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

In order to get variety in our sessions, we tell our clients to choose two engagement photo outfits – one formal and one casual!  These clothes should be comfortable and make you feel good when you wear them.  Pick 2-3 colors and create layered outfits based on these colors.  You don’t want to be matchy/matchy and wear the EXACT same thing, but you do want to look like you belong together!  Without further ado, we have a couple of tips to review to put together your best possible engagement session outfits!



6 Tips for the BEST Engagement Photo Outfits

1) Use Layers & Textures, be wary of prints.

Layers photograph quite nicely!  Fabrics like wool, corduroy, denim, & satin have rich textures that look good when photographed in color & black and white. Be careful of large obnoxious patterns & graphics that might attract attention away from your faces!


2) Wear heels but bring flats too!

Heels help to elongate the leg and help give women that sexy s-curve they long for!  While we LOVE to photograph high heeled pumps, be sure to bring a good pair of flats for walking from location to location! Your feet will thank you later.




3) Get Professional hair & makeup done.

Consider having your hair & makeup done professionally.  While we don’t require this of our clients, we DEFINITELY recommend it as we’ve seen this make a HUGE difference in confidence levels as well as the overall quality of images we’ve produced for our clients in the past.  If you’re planning an engagement session near Atlanta, GA, we recommend Megan Quintana Artistry.  She is the!  If you’re planning an engagement session elsewhere, I believe Megan travels as well!




4) Bring stuff for touch ups.

Don’t forget to bring any items you might need in case of a touch up – MIRROR, makeup, hair spray or other hair products you’re using, a comb or hairbrush, hair ties, bobby pins, etc.




5) Wear accessories!

Accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, sunglasses, glasses, & watches add dimension & depth to your photographs.  If you’re not 100% sure about them, they can always be swapped out during your engagement session.




6) Pack the right type of bag.

While photographing in one outfit, your second set of outfits, touch up makeup, and loose accessories should be tucked away safely in a portable sized storage bag.  It’s helpful to pack a bag that’s lightweight yet has room enough to rummage around in when you’re looking for that bottle of hairspray to touch up any random fly-aways during your engagement session.  Bonus points if your bag has wheels!




In conclusion, if you’re still looking for inspiration on what to wear for your engagement session, you can check out what some of our previous clients have done for their engagement photo outfits as well!  If you found these tips helpful, you should also check out our Engagement Posing Guide here!  If you have any other useful tips on what to wear for engagement photos, please post them below in the comments.



Engagement Photo Pose Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos

Engagement Photo Pose Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos

Whether you’re a client of ours, or you happened to have stumbled across this on your own, welcome!  We wanted to put a resource guide together for couples seeking engagement photo pose ideas & Best Poses for Engagement Photos.

We believe it is the photographers’ responsibility to make couples look their best on the day of their engagement session!  Our clients are typically not models and require some guidance when it comes to posing in front of the camera.  We’ve put together a collection of 4 super simple engagement photo poses to run through any engagement session.  There are a variety of poses that can be created and stemmed from these initial 4 poses, but as long as we remember this simple foundation, we can do just about anything.

The 4 Poses

During our session, we will review and start with these basic 4 poses for engagement pictures and then work off of varieties before we dive into more advanced and candid styles of posing.  The 4 basic poses we will cover are

  1. The Face Each Other
  2. The Prom Pose
  3. The Walk Run
  4. The T-Pose

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Engagement Photo Poses Ideas: The Face Each Other Pose

The first and one of our favorites of all the engagement photo poses, is to simply face each other.  It’s SO easy and there are so many varieties that this particular pose can bring.  In a majority of cases, these couples are standing fairly close to each other – chest to chest.  But in some instances, there might be a gap between the couple, but they are always still facing each other.

In this particular image below, the couple is looking directly at the camera – an excellent opportunity for the couple’s portrait to be taken.

french quarter engagement photos

While in this pose, we have the couple share an embrace with each other.

french quarter engagement photos

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french quarter engagement photos

Full of surprises, this couple below did this all on their own!  Still facing each other, the bride to be jumped up in the air as her fiance embraced her.

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Dallas-Wedding-Photographers-0002 Engagement Photos at Home | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Even in the rain, our clients are TROOPERS!  As one of the easiest poses to pull off in the least amount of time, we were able to grab this quickly and run back for cover.

Engagement Photos at Home | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photography Style oglethorpe-university-engagement-session-atlanta-wedding-photographer-0008 engagement photo poses ideas at vines mansion Lustre Finish Uga-Engagement-Pictures-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-0019 Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography engagement poses ideas - couple having fun Athens Engagement Photos | South Kitchen and Bar | Atlanta Wedding Photographer Athens Engagement Photos | South Kitchen and Bar | Atlanta Wedding Photographer Athens Engagement Photos | South Kitchen and Bar | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

As demonstrated by the couple below, this simple pose can be performed sitting down or standing.


Of all the Creative Engagement Photo Ideas you might be searching for, consider this simple pose!  Just face each other.  Magic will follow.

poses for engagement pictures - looking at each other

By the way, if you need indoor photoshoot location ideas for an indoor engagement session, check out this article!

Best Poses for Engagement Photos: The Prom Pose

The second pose in our series for Creative Engagement Photo Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos is a modern take on the traditional Prom Pose!  Of all the best poses for engagement photos, this one is a favorite as it has a funny sentimental root in most American high school prom experiences.  For whatever reason, this was THE pose back in the day.  We’ve included a couple of varieties below.  The most typical variation of this pose we see is when the girl stands in front of the guy, and the guy pulls her into a tight hug!

In these examples of engagement photo poses, the couples can interact with each other….

The Calhoun Estate Atlanta Wedding Photography

OR they can be facing the camera directly.

engagement poses ideas

This pose is also fun for bringing out all the silly giggles!

poses for engagement photos - young couple

In this variation, instead of the guy standing behind the girl, we see the reverse!  I guess we’ll call this…. The Reverse Prom Pose.

This particular variation of the Prom Pose makes use of a railing.  Any time we add in other elements to the image, we like to play with them.  In this particular shot, we had the couple leaning up against the railing – but notice, they’re still in the Prom Pose!

engagement photo poses - couple looking at each other

This demonstrates another variety of the Reverse Prom Pose!  Because of the couple’s height differences in this particular shot, the bride is the feature of this image!  Great for showing off a nice close up.

Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography

When you’re looking for the best poses for engagement photos, consider the Prom Pose or even the Reverse Prom Pose!  It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

engagement photo pose couple - prom pose

Engagement Poses Ideas: The Walk Run

As part of our four part series for the Creative Engagement Photo Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos, our third pose is the Walk Run.  If you’re looking for Engagement Poses Ideas, the Walk Run is as simple as it sounds.  It can be performed walking or running.  Walking towards the camera, walking away from the camera.  Walking with the camera.  Running towards the camera, running away from the camera, running with the camera!  You get the idea!  This gives our couples a chance to move in front of the camera!  While posing is great, sometimes we like to move around a little bit.  This gives our couples a chance to shake out any feelings of awkwardness and allows us to focus on the fun laughter that ensues.

This was shot in downtown New Orleans and features the couple running side by side while engaging with each other.

french quarter engagement photos

The same couple in the image below is enjoying a nice evening stroll through the streets of New Orleans.

french quarter engagement photos french quarter engagement photos

This couple wanted to include their child dog as part of their engagement session!  Although sometimes a little unpredictable, adding a pet to the engagement session adds an extra layer of dimension and fun personality!  If thinking about including a pet, we always recommend having an additional person to tend to your pet.


While not professional models, this couple could have fooled us!  And all they did was WALK towards the camera.


When looking for Engagement Poses Ideas, definitely consider the Walk Run!  It’s so simple, but it works wonders. It’s definitely one you should have in your arsenal of poses for engagement pictures!


Creative Engagement Photo Ideas: The T-Pose

The last in our series of Creative Engagement Photo Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos, this last pose is perhaps one of the more difficult ones to write about online, but SUPER easy to demonstrate and show in person!  Ladies and gentelmen, we give you the T-Pose.   If you’re looking for creative engagement photo ideas, the T-pose will help your posing game grow by leaps and bounds!  In the T-pose, the groom stands facing the camera while the bride stands facing the groom.  Their bodies together create the T-shape.

french quarter engagement photos

In this image below, we see the bride’s body facing the groom and the groom’s body facing the camera.  Both of their eyes are on the camera, but they could just as easily be engaged with each other in this pose as well.

french quarter engagement photos

Meanwhile, looking in opposing directions will always add a touch of drama to your image.

shutterfest 2015 William Innes Class

Here, we see the exact same T-formation in that the groom’s body faces the camera and the bride’s body faces the groom.  However, in this image, we see the bride and groom interacting with each other rather than looking at the camera.


This particular T-pose below is demonstrated while sitting down. Of all the poses for engagement pictures, this one is also one of the super easy ones!

Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography Athens Engagement Photos | South Kitchen and Bar | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for creative engagement photo ideas, definitely add the T-pose to your repertoire of poses.  You’ll be glad you did!

South Kitchen and Bar | Athens Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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If you found this information helpful & are considering hiring a photographer for your upcoming engagement session, check out what some of our previous clients have said about us here.

If you’re looking for session location ideas for a local engagement session, check out these below –