Wedding Photography Styles

Hmmm…. Of all the various types of Wedding Photography Styles, can our style be described in any one particular way? That’s a really great question! Who says that your photography studio has to be constrained to just one particular style though?

Best Photography Style For Wedding

The best photography style for your wedding is whatever you want your images to look like! Whether you want a style that looks really trendy and modern (contemporary), or you’re looking for something that’s very classic & stands the test of time, it’s entirely personal preference! Regardless of the style you’re most drawn to, it is of the utmost importance to communicate these details to your photographers well in advance of your wedding (and probably before even contracting them for you wedding day!). Some photographers are trained to shoot in very particular styles – if you ask them to capture a completely different style the day of the wedding, it can be quite the curve ball – and not all studio may be able to adapt on the spot.

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Prior to booking any couple in our studio, we always cover our typical shooting & editing styles (as well as what the general experience can look like working with us before the wedding day, during the wedding day, and then after!).

What is a Wedding Photography Style?

To get super techinical with you (because I’m sure that’s exactly what you’re looking for if you’re reading this page 🤣) – A wedding photography style is based on the methods and techniques a photography studio chooses to use when photographing their subjects. This includes the combination of a photographer’s technical knowledge in operating camera equipment and lighting gear as well as the instructions the photographer might give to their subjects to bring out a certain type of emotional response. This style is then further definied by the editing techniques used (learn about our editing style here) to bring out certain elements in the finished photographs. The collection of everything just mentioned is all that goes into creating a wedding photography style!


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What are Different Wedding Photography Styles?

While our editing style remains ever so consistent (learn more about our editing style here), our overall style of work can look very different based on the time of day we’re photographing as well as the quality of light we happened to be working with. If you have a particular vision in mind for how you’d like your images to look, we highly recommend bringing this up during your initial consultation. If there’s a certain look you’d like to acheive, there are different recommendations we’d make in terms of what to schedule when throughout the wedding day as well as various lighting gear we’d require to acheive a certain look.

Dark and Moody Wedding Photography Examples

If dark and moody wedding photography is what you’re after, we highly recommend scheduling your portraits for sunset, twilight, or even after dark.

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Dark & moody wedding photos really shine when your venue has outdoor twinkly lights that turn on at night – or your wedding venue has general landscape lighting at night to highlight various features.

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Dark and moody style wedding photography also requires that your photographers have an impeccable understanding of how to use and manipulate artificial lighting under any circumstance – including on-camera flash, off-camera flash, constant lighting such as led video lights, and light modfiers such as umbrellas, soft boxes, gels, etc.

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Light and Airy Wedding Photography Examples

Light and airy wedding photography is typically photographed throughout the day under soft and even lighting conditions. This might mean almost anytime of day on a cloudy or overcast day, or during the softer sunset hours.

Chateau Meichtry Engagement Photos A lot of light and airy style wedding photos tend to take place under natural lighting conditions, but sometimes might also require the use of aditional light modifiers such as reflectors to achieve the certain look.

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Modern Wedding Photography Style / Contemporary Wedding Photography Style

The modern wedding photography style or contemporary wedding photography style seems to always be changing depending on what is trending at the time. At one time, dark and moody wedding photography was considered modern/ contemporary. At one time light and airy wedding photography was considered modern/ contemporary. These days, modern/ contemporary tends to look a little desaturated and borderline sepia toned, but it’s always changing based on the current trends (and our description is likely a gross oversimplification of the current style)! To get an idea of what is considered as trendy wedding photography today, we’d highly recommend checking out what type of wedding photography is currently trending on social media!