Ultimate Elopement Photography Planning: Creating Timeless Memories

by Jaimie Dee

Elopement Guide

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Elopement Guide

Planning Your Perfect Elopement with Jaimie Dee Photography

Eloping celebrates your unique relationship in a deeply personal and intimate setting. At Jaimie Dee Photography, we focus on capturing every authentic moment and expression with a perfect mix of candid warmth and cinematic elegance, ensuring your elopement photos are as unique as your love story.

Whether it’s a quiet courthouse or a breezy outdoor park, every setting offers its own charm and romance. Our goal is to help you navigate the details smoothly, from securing necessary permissions for courthouse weddings to choosing the perfect scenic backdrop for your vows.

What We Offer:

  • Flexible Photography Options: Whether you want the full narrative of your ceremony captured or prefer a series of intimate wedding portraits, our services are tailored to fit your vision.
  • Expert Guidance: We offer help & guidance through handling the logistics, ensuring that everything from obtaining venue permissions to personal touches like having a friend or professional officiate is discussed in advance.
  • Adaptable and Stress-Free: Our adaptable planning approach means we’re prepared for last-minute adjustments or weather issues, making sure your day is as stress-free as possible.

Explore this guide for essential insights and tips on creating an elopement that reflects your personality and love.

1. Exploring Your Elopement Photography Options

At Jaimie Dee Photography, we understand that every couple’s elopement is uniquely personal, reflecting their distinct love story and preferences. That’s why our photography packages are designed to cater to diverse needs:

  • Ceremony and Wedding Portrait Packages: These comprehensive packages are perfect for couples who desire a complete visual narrative of their special day. It includes capturing the quiet moments of preparation, the emotionally charged ceremony, and the intimate wedding portraits that follow. This option is ideal for those who:
    • Value Tradition: Couples incorporating traditional elements or customs into their ceremony often opt for this package to ensure these significant moments are beautifully documented.
    • Have Meaningful Ceremony Locations: If the ceremony location holds special sentimental value, couples typically prefer to capture both the setting and the event in detail.
  • Wedding Portrait Packages: Designed for couples who prioritize personalization and simplicity, this package focuses on capturing your connection in a variety of picturesque settings, without the ceremony coverage. It’s an excellent choice for those who:
    • Prefer Privacy: Some couples prefer a very intimate ceremony without photographers, opting instead for a dedicated portrait session before/ after in a scenic or meaningful location.
    • Seek Aesthetic Control: If the ceremony venue (ie: courthouses) lacks visual appeal, couples may decide against hiring a professional photographer to document the ceremony.
    • Are Budget Conscious: Choosing portrait-only sessions can be more budget-friendly, allowing for stunning photography that aligns with financial considerations.
    • Need Flexible Timing: This option allows for the scheduling of portrait sessions during optimal lighting conditions or even on a different day, providing the flexibility to avoid midday harsh lighting or inclement weather. This adaptability ensures that your portraits can be taken in the most flattering and comfortable settings.
    • Desire Comfort: Opting for a wedding portrait session during cooler parts of the day or in more controlled environments ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.
    • Want Thematic Focus: Allows couples to creatively express themselves through stylized or thematic portraits, emphasizing their personalities without the constraints of a ceremony location.

Each of these packages are crafted with the understanding that your elopement should be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. We ensure that whether you choose to have your elopement ceremony and wedding portraits photographed, or opt just for just the wedding portraits, your photography experience will reflect your personal style and the essence of your relationship.

2. Selecting the Perfect Venue for Your Elopement Photos

Choosing the right venue is crucial as it not only provides a beautiful backdrop but also sets the tone for your entire elopement, reflecting your personal style and the ambiance you envision. At Jaimie Dee Photography, we guide you through the process of selecting the ideal setting that makes your day truly memorable.

Courthouse Options:

  • Courthouses, with their unique blend of simplicity and solemnity, offer a distinctive setting for couples who appreciate the understated elegance of a more intimate ceremony. (Click here for our Courthouse Wedding Guide) While the interiors are typically more functional than decorative, they create a focused environment that emphasizes the personal commitment between you and your partner. For couples considering a courthouse, it’s important to note that some locations, such as Fulton County, require a permission form to be completed in advance for photography. Completing this form ensures that we can capture your ceremony without any interruptions. Although the aesthetic and space limitations might suggest a more practical use of resources elsewhere, the choice to document your ceremony in a courthouse is deeply personal and can be meaningful in its own right. For more information on the required permissions, please click on the link for the Fulton County Permission Form.

Outdoor Venues:

  • Piedmont Park: Ideal for couples who love nature and the cityscape. Its expansive green areas against the Atlanta skyline offer a dynamic and versatile setting. For more privacy and optimal lighting, weekday bookings are recommended. View more of our Piedmont Park photos.
  • Marietta Square: Vibrant and full of character, its historic buildings and colorful streets create a lively backdrop perfect for couples looking for spirited photographs. Explore our Marietta Square Photos.
  • Cator Woolford Gardens: A nominal fee grants access to this secluded garden that provides a fairy-tale setting, complete with manicured landscapes and architectural elegance, ideal for romantic elopement photos. See more at our Cator Woolford Gardens page.
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Although a permit is required, the stunning floral displays and beautifully designed spaces make it an exquisite choice for nature enthusiasts. Check out our Atlanta Botanical Gardens photos.

Indoor Venues:

  • The Peachtree Club: Offering luxury with breathtaking city views from its skyscraper location, this venue adds a touch of glamour and grandeur to your elopement photos, ensuring weather will never disrupt your plans. Visit our Peachtree Club page for more details.
  • Ventanas: Its modern design with expansive windows offers a sleek, contemporary backdrop with panoramic views of the city, perfect for a chic and airy feel. See more photos on our Ventanas page.
  • Rhodes Hall: Located in the heart of Atlanta, this venue exudes the charm and elegance of a grand European castle, providing a majestic and timeless setting for your photos. Explore our Rhodes Hall Photos.

When selecting your venues, consider logistical aspects like travel time between locations and accessibility. Our team at Jaimie Dee Photography is ready to assist you in navigating these details to ensure that your venue choice not only enhances your elopement experience but also aligns perfectly with your vision.

3. Legal Considerations for Elopements

Navigating the legal landscape of elopements doesn’t have to be daunting. At Jaimie Dee Photography, we provide detailed guidance to make sure all legal aspects of your day are clear and straightforward, ensuring your focus remains on celebrating your love.

How to Get Ordained in Georgia Online

Adding a personal touch to your elopement by having a friend or loved one officiate can deeply enhance the intimacy of the ceremony. Here’s a straightforward guide on how your loved one can become legally ordained through the Universal Life Church (ULC) and what steps to follow to officiate your wedding in Georgia:

  1. Get Ordained Online:
    • Visit the Universal Life Church website where your friend can complete a simple ordination form. The process is free, quick, typically taking just a few minutes, and is legally recognized in Georgia.
  2. Prepare for the Ceremony:
    • Check with the local county probate court where the wedding will occur to understand any specific requirements or documentation needed. This can vary from county to county, so it’s crucial to confirm these details in advance.
    • While some counties may not require registration, it’s common to be asked for proof of ordination. Order necessary documents from the ULC’s Minister Store if required.
  3. Performing the Wedding:
    • Once ordained, your loved one is ready to officiate your wedding. Ensure you follow these steps:
      • Contact the county probate court for any final clarifications on documentation.
      • Your friend/ family member should familiarize themselves with the process of conducting the ceremony, which can be reviewed in the ULC’s guide on How to Perform a Wedding.
  4. Handling the Marriage License:
    • In Georgia, marriage licenses are issued by the probate court and must be returned there within 30 days of the wedding date. The license does not have an expiry date and there is no waiting period from issuance to wedding day.
    • During the ceremony, your officiant friend will fill out the license. When completing it, they should list their official title as “Minister,” the ceremony type as “Religious,” and denomination as “Non-Denominational.” Use their personal address or that of their ministry for any required address fields.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your wedding ceremony is not only personalized but also complies with Georgia state laws. For more detailed information and to get started with the ordination process, visit the Universal Life Church’s official page.

This approach not only personalizes your ceremony but also creates a meaningful experience that reflects your unique relationship.

If you would prefer instead to hire a professional ordained minister for your elopement wedding, we are happy to make recommendations.

Rules and Regulations Specific to Venues:

Choosing the right venue for your elopement involves navigating specific rules and requirements, particularly when it comes to permissions and protocols for photography. We’re here to help you understand and manage these details so that your day goes smoothly:

  • Fulton County Courthouse:
    • Photography Permission: To have your ceremony photographed at Fulton County Courthouse, a permission form must be completed and approved in advance. You can access and submit this form here.
  • Outdoor and Garden Venues:
    • Cator Woolford Gardens and Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Both of these stunning venues require a photography permit. These permits ensure that your session is officially sanctioned and that you have exclusive access to the most picturesque parts of the gardens during your reserved time.
    • City of Roswell Outdoor Spaces: Planning to capture your special moments in one of Roswell’s beautiful outdoor settings? Remember, the city mandates a photography permit for all such activities. This is to manage the spaces effectively and maintain the beauty of the area.
    • Access and submit permit applications for Cator Woolford Gardens, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and City of Roswell.
  • Indoor Venue Sessions:
    • Venue Rentals: If your elopement or portrait session is taking place indoors, such as at a private venue or rental space, you will need to secure the location by renting it. While we do not handle the bookings directly, we provide guidance on how to reserve these spaces to ensure that your event is beautifully housed without any logistical hassles.

Understanding and complying with these regulations is key to ensuring that your elopement is not only magical but also seamlessly organized. We strive to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your venue and help facilitate any necessary arrangements.

4. Weather Considerations and Backup Plans

Weather can be unpredictable, especially in Atlanta. Planning for all possibilities is key:

  • Indoor Alternatives: Always have a backup indoor venue, such as one of the recommended locations above, to avoid any disruptions caused by bad weather.
  • Timing Your Elopement: Consider the time of year and typical weather patterns. Early spring and late fall are often ideal for milder weather.

Testimonials from Happy Couples

“Choosing Jaimie Dee Photography to capture our elopement was the best decision we could have made. Their ability to blend candid and cinematic photography captured our day perfectly. The photos are breathtaking, and they truly tell the story of our love.” – Rachel & Tom

“The team at Jaimie Dee Photography was incredible! They made us feel comfortable and captured beautiful, natural moments. Even our ceremony in Piedmont Park, with unpredictable weather, turned out amazing thanks to their preparedness and skill.” – Mia & Jordan

Final Steps: Booking Your Elopement Photography

Schedule Your Consultation

Now that you understand the breadth of services and the depth of our commitment, the next step is to secure your date with us. We invite you to fill out our contact form and schedule a consultation. During this call, we can discuss your specific needs, venue choices, and any other personal touches you want to add to your day.

Why Book Now?

Booking your elopement photography with Jaimie Dee Photography not only ensures that you have professional, empathetic, and skilled photographers capturing your day, but also includes exclusive benefits:

  • Special Offer: Currently, we are offering a $500 credit towards printed product upgrades. This includes beautifully crafted albums, canvases, and other bespoke print products that turn your wedding memories into art.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that every detail of your photography is handled professionally allows you to focus on enjoying your special day.


Your elopement is a celebration of your unique story. At Jaimie Dee Photography, we are honored to help you tell that story through beautiful, timeless photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime. With detailed planning, personalized attention, and our extensive experience, we ensure that your elopement photography is a seamless and joyful part of your wedding experience.

Remember, each moment is fleeting, but our photos will make those joyous memories last forever. Let’s create something beautiful together. Book your session today.

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Hi! We're Jaimie & Kyle (+Associates) with Jaimie Dee Photography. We're Atlanta photographers based in the metro area and service clients all over the globe. Jaimie Dee Photography was established in 2008. We're primarily a wedding and portrait studio. Our images are crisp, clean & colorful and strike a balance between classic and candid styled portraits. Aside from the photography, we help you craft the perfect photo experience - from the beginning planning stages to the finished artwork hanging on your walls. When you're in front of our camera, we'll also offer you gentle guidance through a combo of stationary and movement based poses. We'll help bring out your inner diva too - even if you're shy! If you're looking for a photographer in the metro Atlanta area or beyond, we'd love to meet you!

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"Jaimie and Kyle captured our wedding day perfectly. We booked them for our engagement photos and we knew then that they had to join us for our wedding too! They are such an incredible team and so much fun! ... they really put us at ease. Our wedding photos look like US in the best way possible. They captured our dynamic, our silliness, and of course our love for each other...  You absolutely must book them for your big day."

– Rhiannon Youngbauer

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"... [Jaimie] was patient, friendly, and professional throughout the whole experience, and seemed genuinely interested in our story and relationship... She was able to very naturally capture our moments of happiness, and was a pro at finding great shots. Even the sales aspect of their services are very well put together and thorough. 100% recommend, and we will be contacting them for any services we need in the future."

– Corey McPhetridge

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" ... THE most organized, thoughtful, and excellent photography duo in the industry! Hands down!!  I have had the pleasure of working with Jaimie Dee and Kyle for years, and they NEVER miss!
My clients adore them and are always given the VIP treatment. I love their attention to detail, their masterful eye, and how they can be everywhere they need to be to capture the key moments.  We love them and highly recommend them!"

– Lauren Hines, Hinesmark Affairs

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Atlanta Elopement Packages

An Elopement (Courthouse/ Intimate/ Micro wedding) is defined as an event with fewer than 10-50ish guests - but we won't hold you to that! These intimate weddings only require 1-4 hours of coverage. Our Atlanta elopement packages are perfect if you're looking for a photographer for a small wedding. Don't need ceremony coverage? Stand alone Wedding Portrait Packages also available. Feeling confused? Check out our Elopement Guide!

Every COLLECTION includes edited digital jpgs from your wedding, access to our recommended wedding vendors, complimentary timeline planning, sneak peeks, and a complimentary Ordering Premiere.

Weekend Now

Available for Fridays - Sundays within the next 45 days


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Outdoor elopements booked Friday - Sunday must take place regardless of rain or shine & are required to have a suitable indoor backup location in the event of inclement weather.


Available for weekdays Monday - Thursday




A 50% retainer is due upon reserving your photo session time & date. Remaining balance to be paid 14 days prior to scheduled photo session.

* Additional travel fees apply for locations farther than 25 miles from the Studio (Marietta, GA). Additional fees also apply for locations that require a photography permit, entrance fee, paid parking, etc. Additional locations may be added on at an additional cost. Additional fees will apply for holiday dates.

** Digital JPGS are delivered in jpg format, approximately 2000x3000 px

*** Professional Editing includes color & exposure correction

Contact the studio for an exact quote.


  • Expedited Delivery (Same Day, Next Day & 1 Week)
  • “NDA” / Privacy of Photographs Agreement
  • Lighting/ General Assistant
Elopements, Engagements, Proposals, & Wedding Portraits

starting at $999 / $799


Atlanta Wedding Photographers at Ventanas

Micro Wedding/ Elopement FAQ's

Can I see a full price menu?

 While basic pricing info can be found on our website, exact pricing fluctuates based on studio availability, time of year, & required travel (if necessary).

To provide you with the most accurate pricing for your day, you will be asked to schedule a quick 15 minute phone call to discuss your exact needs. We may even create a custom quote designed specifically for your day. (WhatsApp calling also available for those outside of the USA.)

Photography is a huge decision - we want to do our best to provide you with the most accurate information for your day.

Who will be my photographer(s)?

Our micro wedding/ elopement collections include a Photo Team comprised of a Primary and a Secondary photographer, or a single Primary photographer. Assigned Photo Team pairings include:

  • Kyle + Associate Photographer
  • Jaimie Dee + Associate Photographer
  • Kyle + Jaimie Dee
  • 2 Associate Photographers

Single Primary photographers may include Kyle, Jaimie Dee, or an Associate Photographer based on studio availability.

Contact the studio directly for your Photo Team availability.

Learn more about your photographers here.

How many photos do I get from my wedding?

With one to two photographers included in every micro wedding/ elopement photography package, we average 100 – 150 images per hour.  For example – for a standard 4 hour intimate/ micro wedding, we typically deliver 400 – 600 images.  For a 120 minute elopement, we typically deliver 200 - 300 images. With fewer guests in attendance and fewer details to photograph, you can expect to receive fewer images on the spectrum.  With more guests and more details to photograph, you can expect to receive more images.

Do I get ALL of the photos from my wedding?

Prior to delivering your wedding photography end product, we remove duplicate images, test photos, blurry photos, and any other images that might dilute the quality of the overall end product.  The end product we deliver averages 100-150 images per hour. (Learn more about our Editing & Post Production Process here)

What photography equipment do you use?

We use all the photography equipments!  Haha, but seriously we bring whatever equipment we need to get the job done and then some.  With camera & equipment rentals available to photographers all throughout the United States (and probably the world), we can also rent additional equipment at any time if a particular job requires equipment we don’t already own.

Do you include videography services?

As we are primarily a wedding photography studio, we specialize in creating the best possible photography for your wedding day.  Although we do not currently offer videography as a service, we include a Preferred Vendors List (videographers included) to all of our booked wedding clients.

Do you have insurance?

Yes.  We have general liability insurance and equipment insurance. We are happy to provide proof of insurance if your venue requires it.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

Jaimie Dee Photography was established in 2008! Depending on your assigned wedding day photographers, you will typically have between 10 - 30 years of combined experience on your Photo Team. (Learn more about Jaimie Dee Photography's background & experience here)

Do you have any full weddings we can view?

Yepp.  Check out the blog here.  You can see all of our latest weddings there.  Be sure to also check out the extended slideshows that happen to accompany most of our blog posts as well.

Have you photographed at my wedding venue before?

Jaimie Dee Photography was established in 2008. If your wedding venue is in the metro Atlanta area, there is a high likelihood we've been to your venue before. (You can see previous venues we've worked at here - keep in mind, this is not a full conclusive list) In the event we have not photographed your venue in the past, (or you happen to be planning a wedding out of state, or outside the USA) we are happy to send samples of previous work from similar styled weddings. These previous wedding samples should help to offer insight for lighting conditions & general shooting styles for any given venue type. On the wedding day, we also typically arrive early to scout your location & check current lighting conditions.

Can you photograph my wedding in Switzerland/ Japan/ Hawaii/ insert cool place to get married here!

Yes, yes, and yassssss.  We love to travel & service couples all over the globe.  We simply charge additionally for travel + accommodation in addition to our regular collection pricing.

Do you offer any discounts?

There are very few circumstances in which we offer discounts.  However, in addition to our typical Wedding Photography Collections, we offer alternative pricing for weekday Courthouse & Intimate weddings (Monday-Thursday).  We also offer alternative pricing for non-wedding day bridal portrait sessions.  We do also offer value-added specials from time to time as part of our Consultation Booking Special.

My wedding venue is very dark – Do you bring additional lighting?

YES!  We bring…. ALL OF THE LIGHTS….. (Rihanna, anyone? 😜).  On camera flashes, off camera flashes, and even video lights that act as personal spot lights (so you can ….. shine bright like a diamond…..😝).   We bring lighting equipment to prepare for just about any situation that may or may not arise.  And on the off chance your venue is a dark church or chapel that doesn’t permit additional lighting, we photograph with professional grade equipment that specializes in low light situations.

Do you edit ALL of my wedding photos?

Yes & no! All of the images you receive (100-150 images per hour) are corrected for color & exposure – meaning the images will be brightened or darkened as necessary and colors are edited to look as true to life as possible with a little added pop. We then do a natural beauty style edit that includes subtle skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and eye brightening – including the under eye area. We also do our best to light and pose our couples correctly while photographing to create the most flattering images for every skin type, body size and shape – this should minimize the need for additional retouching. Our goal while photographing is to create the most flattering images that shouldn’t require additional retouching most of the time. (Learn more about our Editing & Post Production here)

Do you offer additional retouching? Like SUPER skin smoothing, ULTRA teeth whitening, body shaping, object removal, etc?

Your images are initially edited to look as true to life as possible with a little added pop (learn more about the process here). If you require additional custom retouching, we include this service complimentary for art pieces commissioned during your Ordering Premiere (learn more here). Your commissioned art pieces will be retouched to your level of specification to the best of our abilities, and even tinted or toned to perfectly match any room you wish to place your artwork in. This complimentary retouching service is also available for all images placed in your wedding album.

Additional Custom Retouching is currently only available for art pieces commissioned at your Order Premiere and currently unavailable as a stand alone service. If you have additional questions on this, feel free to contact us.

Do you back up our images?

Yaaaaaaas.  And our backups have backups!  While photographing images on the wedding day, our professional grade cameras record identical images to two separate cf/ sd cards simultaneously.  Upon returning to our studio from the wedding day, images are immediately uploaded to our local server as well as well as backed up by the cloud to an offsite server.  The cf/ sd cards are then stored in a fire proof/ waterproof secure vault on site until the images are shared with you in an online photo gallery.  At any given time there are 2-3 copies of your photos stored on and offsite. (Learn more about the Backup & Post Production Process here)

What happens if we cancel or reschedule our wedding?

In order to reserve your date, we require a signed wedding contract and a retainer payment.  This ensures your Photo Team does not accept other photography work on your date.  In the event of a cancellation or rescheduled wedding, our studio suffers a loss.  If this cancellation/ rescheduling occurs 60 days  or more before your wedding, liquidated damages include your retainer payment.  If this cancellation/ rescheduling occurs within 60 days or less of your wedding, then liquidated damaged include all monies paid. Contact us for additional questions.