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If you’re looking for a Food Photographer Atlanta, Jaimie Dee Photography has been photographing professionally in the Atlanta area for 10 years.



Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill

FAQ’s | Food Photography Atlanta


  • When should we schedule our Food Photography shoot?
    If you are looking to book your food photography shoot for a restaurant, we recommend scheduling your session before of after hours.  This ensures your photographers will have full creative freedom to move around the establishment at will without restriction.  If scheduling your session before or after hours is not possible, we recommend reserving a dedicated space in which the session will take place free of distraction.


  • My restaurant is very dark.  Can you still take pictures if there isn’t enough lighting?
    With 10+ years of experience, we come prepared for any and most lighting conditions.  We bring a combination of flash & video lighting equipment and necessary reflectors to accomplish the task at hand.

Choosing an Atlanta Food Photographer – Important Tips


Are you in need of an Atlanta food photographer? Check out this guide for advice on choosing the right one for you and your project.

Are you looking for an Atlanta food photographer to capture stunning, professional pictures of your culinary creations? Here we will provide tips on how to choose the right one for your project, and what to look for when interviewing potential photographers.

Ask for Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to find the right photographer for you. Ask friends, family and colleagues if they’ve worked with anybody they would recommend, or if they know of any talented photographers in the Atlanta area. You can also do your own research online by searching for food photographer portfolios.

Read Reviews

Reviews can provide insights into the professionalism and quality of service you can expect from a photographer. Prior to hiring, look through past reviews from customers to see if others have experiences similar to yours. Read multiple reviews from different sources so that you can form an unbiased opinion in the decision-making process. Pay special attention to any negative feedback, as it may be a warning sign of problems such as tardiness or inconsistent communication. You can check out our reviews here.

Get to Know the Atlanta Food Photography Scene

Knowing the local food photography scene can be helpful when selecting a photographer. Local photographers often have access to insider tips and knowledge about what works best in different venues. Additionally, getting familiar with the work of various Atlanta food photographers allows you to narrow down your options and choose one whose portfolio appeals to you most. Look through publications, magazines, and other sources for recent food photographs that resonate with you for inspiration.

Explore their Portfolio and Look at Previous Work

Looking at a photographer’s portfolio can tell you a lot about the type of style and quality of work they produce. Many photographers put their best pieces on display for potential customers to review. Make sure to look through their previous food photography projects, taking note of how each image looks and what techniques were used in the shoot. Note the post-processing and editing style to ensure it complements your vision.

Consider the Price Range and Image Usage Rights

When choosing an Atlanta food photographer, it is important to evaluate the price range for their services and include this among your selection criteria. However, price should not be the only deciding factor – you need to consider a few other details. Ask what type of image usage rights are available to you when purchasing a photographer’s images. See if they offer exclusive or nonexclusive licenses, so that you can manage how the images will be used in accordance with your company’s needs.