Available in Small (16″x20″), Medium (20″x30″), & Large (30″x40″) sizes.

Statement Style wall art pieces are simple, practical, and elegant. They provide an easy way to add decor to your home. The easiest way to transform any space with a single piece of art.

More durable than consumer grade canvases, the face of our professional canvases are backed and won’t give under reasonable pressure and won’t sag over time.

All canvases come ready to hang with sawtooth hanger and paper backing.

Available in Small (16″x20″), Medium (20″x30″), & Large (30″x40″) sizes.

Need help selecting the best size for your wall? Send us a photo of your wall – we’ll create a virtual rendering for you so you’ll make the best decision on the size that best fits your space.


Sold in sets of 3. Each unit is approximately 12″ x 12″ in size.

Sized at approximately 12”x12”, the Acrylic sets are perfect for creating a gorgeous and modern wall display that will expand or shrink to fit almost any space. The acrylic’s small form factor is also perfect for gifting images to family or friends.

Create large, home gallery style displays when grouping multiple pieces together, or display them independently of one another for smaller wall spaces.

Mix and match images in any way you like!

Comes ready to hang! Create your very own home gallery wall art display.

These small wall art pieces are sold in sets – of 3.

May be displayed as a single set, or broken down into smaller groupings and placed in various rooms throughout your home.

Images may be printed in black and white, sepia toned, or in color.


Sold in sets of 3. Each unit is available in 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, or 8″ x  12″
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Future proof your photos when you create luxury metal prints.

Printed directly on aluminum, these prints are waterproof, weather proof, and scratch resistant! As an added bonus, they’re also dry erasable!

Ranging in 8”x12” and under, a Luxury Metal Print is a smaller print size that’s well suited for gifting images to family and friends, or displaying on your bedside table, kitchen counter, bookcase, etc. Comes ready to display, no framing necessary! Highly resilient & easy to clean.


Approximately 10″ x 10″ in size, starting at 20 pages.

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For those who want to preserve memories from this point in life – Albums offer a practical solution to those who want to print lots of images from their photos! Approximately 10” x 10″ (upgradable to 12″ x 12″) in size, with a gorgeous image of your choice on the cover, this album doubles as a standing print. Place your slim profile album on a bookcase or mantle to show off your favorite memory.

Personal Customization

The Heirloom Album is handcrafted in Italy and comes available in an eco friendly leatherette. With a multitude of color options available, personalize your album to match your home decor!

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Custom Retouching for Artwork Images


Custom Retouching is our Premiere level of service and available complimentary for all images used in artwork as part of each package, or stand alone A La Carte purchases. With approximately 2-3 hours of work per image based on request, our goal with Custom Retouching is to take your images from beautiful to outstanding.

Custom Retouching Includes the  Following:

  • Art Direction by Jaimie Dee
  • Advanced Dodging & Burning
  • Curve Manipulation
  • Composite Work (Sky Swapping)
  • HDR Detail Enhancement
  • Advanced Color Harmonizing
  • Light Effects
  • Beauty Editing
  • Background & Object Removal

We photograph certain images specifically for this type of edit, and some images might be better suited for a lower level of editing like Cosmetic Edits. Custom Retouching is included complimentary with all wall art & album purchases.

*Custom Retouching is not currently available as a stand alone service.