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Sunflower Farms in Georgia

Sunflower Farms in Georgia

Sunflower Farms in Georgia


If you’re looking for a great outdoor location idea for your engagement session, family session, or any type of photography session with a gorgeous outdoor backdrop, consider one of the beautiful sunflower farms in Georgia!  Here is a round up of some Sunflower farms to check out –


Anderson’s Sunflower Farms

Located in Cumming, Georgia, Anderson’s Sunflower Farms is a farm that focuses solely on sunflowers!  For business hours and sunflower season, check out their website.

3360 Shiloh Road
Cumming, GA 30040


Copper Creek Farm

Copper Creek Farm, located in in Calhoun, Ga is a great family friendly venue run by David and Sabrina.  Not only does this farm offer gorgeous sunflowers during sunflower season, they also do corn mazes, haunted houses, class field trips, and even weddings!  Find out more info on their website here.

1514 Reeves Station Rd SW
Calhoun, GA 30701

Phone: 706-280-5592


Fausett Farms

Perhaps one of the best know Sunflower farms in Georgia, Fausett Farms is a family run business that’s been around for 60+ years!  Originally a poultry farm, they made a change in 2011, and now offer 30ish acres of beautiful sunflower fields!  Check out their website for parking information, photography permits, and sunflower season.

11336 Hwy 136 West
Dawsonville, GA 30534

Phone: 706-265-9661

Prospect Farms

Prospect Farms, located at 1839 Prospect Road, in Lawrenceville, Georgia offers beautiful sunflower gardens during sunflower season – typically a 2 week window in June!  You can check out their facebook page or instagram (@prospectfarms) for up to date photography permit information and the exact dates of the current sunflower season!

In addition to sunflower fields, Prospect Farms also offers daffodil fields in April, wild flower fields in May, pumpkin patches in the fall, and christmas trees in the winter.  Scottish highland cows also graze the farm if you’re looking for a super southern, country style photo session!

Current photo permit rates at the time of writing this article (Fall 2018) –
$30/ 30 minutes
$60/ 60 minutes
$120/ 2 hours
$195/ 4 hours
$395/ 8 hours
*rates likely to change – check with the establishment to get current rates!

1839 Prospect Road
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043

Phone: 678-687-2597 OR 404-409-6685


William L. Brown Farm Market (Montezuma Location)

While not the center of attraction, you can find sunflowers at the William L. Brown Farm Market if you go at the right time of year.  They typically have them in June, but call ahead to make sure they’re in bloom before heading down!  Check out their website for more info.

4334 GA Highway 49 North
Montezuma, GA 31063

Phone: 478-472-8767


Looking for more Georgia Sunflower Farms?

Did we leave out a farm?  Are any of the farms we listed out of date?  Please post a comment below, and we’re happy to update our information!

Atlanta Photography Group – Groups to Join

Atlanta Photography Group

Photography Groups to Join

Are you an up and coming photographer brand new to the Atlanta scene?  Are you looking for a new Atlanta photography group to connect with?  Are you browsing through the first page of google to email photographers to offer your second shooting services to them so you can get your Atlanta portfolio started?

If you’re new to starting wedding photography in the Atlanta area and looking to connect with photographers to network or second shoot with, my team and I have put a list together of some facebook groups, monthly meetings, and educational resources you HAVE to check out.  You can meet other professionals and work with a TON of photographers throughout the city.  They’re all pretty nice too. 😉  I recommend you join the facebook groups that interest you & introduce yourself!  Go to monthly meetings, meet the photographers in the Atlanta scene, & network!

Facebook Groups for Online Networking

Facebook Groups for Networking & Meet Ups

  • Trigger Happy – Meet up once a month for inspirational lectures, food, and occasionally shoots/ headshot swaps. Great for networking and meeting other photographers in the Atlanta area.
  • Tuesdays Together – This one is really good for networking with other entrepreneurs or other vendors in the wedding industry. They meet once a month on a Tuesday. Good for networking with other vendors, and talking about business topics.
  • Styled Shoots by Rick+Anna Photography – If you’re looking to grow your wedding portfolio, this is a monthly styled shoot group.  It will usually cost a little $$ to cover the cost of models, professional hair & makeup, and a wedding venue location, but it’s an excellent way to build your portfolio from the ground up.

Educational Resources

  • Rick+Anna: Business Coaching For Photographers – Atlanta-based Facebook group run by Rick+Anna Photography offering business advice to photographers.
  • CreativeLive – High production live video education platform – Good for catching live workshops taught by industry leaders on photography, business, or anything entrepreneurial. Free to watch, $$ for purchasing workshops for anytime access.


  • Aperturent – This is the “Atlanta-based” rental place is located in Sandy Springs off Roswell Road.  They rent out camera bodies, lenses, lighting, etc.  You can have them deliver equipment rentals to you, or you can go in & pick up your order.

Good luck in your future endeavors!  Hope you find an Atlanta Photography Group for you.

How to Define Your Photography Style

How to Define Your Photography Style

How to Define Your Photography Style


Why is having a consistent photography style important?  Because brand identity.


Having a consistent style allows your biggest fans to identify your work anywhere in the world and gives your overall portfolio a unified look.  When you can achieve that specific outcome every single time, it gives your clients confidence in the level of quality they can expect when they hire you.


But where do you begin?  How does one even start to develop a photography style?  Look for inspiration, and ask others for feedback!


Finding your style in photography through Inspiration


When you’re trying to find your photography style, starting with inspiration is a safe place to start.


Check out photographer portfolios you admire.  Which images do you strongly resonate with?  If you collected all the images that inspired you the most, what common factors link them all together?


Are there certain colors that stand out to you?  Do most of the images have a very certain look and appeal to them?  What are the people in the photos consistently doing or feeling?  Are there specific locations you seem drawn to?  What is the overall lighting quality like from photo to photo?


Whatever those common bonds are that tie your favorite images together – those links should represent the ideals you strive to capture with each and every photograph you take.


How to describe photography style by asking others


Although slightly more adventurous, but equally as rewarding – ask your clients for their opinion on your photography style!  Don’t have clients? Do a couple of free photo shoots, and ask your friends for their opinions.  It might seem a little scary, but the results are worth it!


A major shift happened in our wedding photography branding this past year.  In an attempt to put a promo video together for our photography business, we started interviewing our couples for testimonials after working with them on their photo shoots.  Then, something magical happened.


We started to learn what our actual clients thought about our brand & what it was like to work with us.


Prior to starting this project, I thought I had a strong idea as to what our brand represented.  However, THINKING you know where your brand is vs KNOWING where your brand actually is are two entirely different things.


By interviewing our couples, we realized what we thought we were projecting out into the world was different than how our clients perceived us.  We learned where we really shined and where we might have fallen flat.  We took what we could, and we ran with it.


When most of our clients told us the same thing over and over again, we realized we’d created a consistent experience across the board.  We took the words they used to describe us and infused them into our website & our overall brand.  These words acted as a magnifying glass to help us focus on the things our clients loved us for and let us know the direction we should grow in.


In conclusion


Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran photographer, if you find yourself having an identity crises and asking yourself, “what is my photography style?” look for inspiration & ask others around you. 😉




Lightroom Not Opening Raw Files?

Lightroom Not Opening Raw Files?

Lightroom Not Opening Raw Files?

Having problems with Lightroom not opening raw files?  Whether they’re CR2 files, NEF files, or some other unsupported file type, there’s a simple solution in most cases.


We’re Nikon photographers!  Occasionally we work with Canon photographers as second shooters.  This past weekend we worked with a photographer who used one of the latest Canon cameras.  As soon as we came home to import the images into Adobe Lightroom, the images weren’t registering with the software.  We couldn’t see previews, and the images couldn’t import.

When we tried to open a preview of any of the files, this is the error message we got.



When we tried to import the images into Lightroom, this was the preview we saw –




At first, we tried to import the files anyway, and saw this error message after –




Our next logical step was to check for updates.  So we did.




Low and behold, our (desktop) version of Lightroom was current….. Puzzled, we did a quick internet search and found the solution!


The Solution


Step 1: Check your current version of Adobe Camera Raw.  From the “Lightroom” Menu, select “About Adobe Photoshop Lightroom XXX”.




It should bring up the version of your Adobe Lightroom as well as your version of Adobe Camera raw.



In the upper right hand corner, we can see we have Camera Raw 8.7.1.


Step 2: Visit Adobe’s Camera Raw Installer website & follow the instructions.  It will have you download the newest version for Adobe Camera Raw & install it.


Once you download the zip file, it will walk you through the on screen instructions.



TIP: If you have any problems with this step (we ran into a compatibility issue with our current version of our Mac operating software), try updating your operating system first, and then run through the Install Camera Raw steps.  If you update your operating system like we did, but you STILL have a compatibility issue, you can try installing an older version of Adobe Camera Raw.  At the time of this writing the current version of Adobe Camera Raw is version 10.3.  When you’re on the download page (link above), you can scroll down further to see the previous version to download and install & then run through the Install Camera Raw prompts.


Step 3: Open Lightroom!  If all of the updates are compatible, you should now be able to open your raw files.  Ta daaaaaa.


TIP: If you still can’t view or edit your




lightroom not opening raw files

lightroom not opening cr2 files

lightroom cannot import cr2

lightroom cannot import nef


Studio Rental | Atlanta

Studio Rental | Atlanta

Studio Rental Atlanta

Are you a portrait photographer looking for hourly studio rental in Atlanta?  I’ve put a small list together of some studios in the metro Atlanta area that rent out studio space by the hour!  Cheers.

Hourly Studio rental in Atlanta (Metro Atlanta Area)

These links, rates, and availability are current at the time of writing this article – April 2018





  • Hunter Studios: $95-$125/ hour (weekday/weekend)


  • Virtue Studios: $30-$40/ hour (weekday/weekend)



Have an update or change to make to the list?  Have a new studio to add?  Contact us!