The Wedding Day Experience

What’s it like to have my photos taken by Jaimie Dee Photography?

So glad you asked! The answer to this question is that it depends! It depends based on the current event that is happening at the time on your wedding day in addition to any personal preference YOU might have.

During Wedding Day Portraits

For example, anytime we are capturing portraits (whether they are portraits of you, your family, or your bridal party), we like to give a lot of creative instruction and gentle guidance. The type of instruction and guidance we offer will be based on your personal preference of prioritizing candid vs classic style portraiture (learn more about different wedding photography styles here).

Classic style portraiture tends to be very tradiontional in nature. The subject is typically looking directly at the camera, and may be smiling or serious.

Candid/ photojournalistic style portraiture tends to focus on the emotional connection between subjects in the photo. It tends to have a very lifestyle look to it. Whether you and your bridal party are horsing around, or you and your fiance are lost in an emotional embrace – all are examples of candid style portraits.

In the event you don’t have a particular preference, we like to capture it all – just to give you the most variety in your wedding day portraits!

During the Ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, we tend to operate like a fly on the wall. Our goal is to be as inobtrusive as possible. We don’t even want you to know that we’re there. We’ll never interrupt your ceremony to yell out instructions (that would be insane), and we try to physically position ourselves in a way so that we’re not blocking anyone’s view. We also do our best to avoid popping flash photography during the ceremony – it can be distracting – even if your ceremony venue or location is very dark. (Side note – we use super professional camera gear that is highly capable in low light situations. However, if your ceremony lighting is too dark for our gear, we may also choose to add in additional constant lights to avoid blurry/ grainy photos. If this is something you’re concerned about or you are intentionally considering to have a low light ceremony, it’s definitely worth bringing up in your Photography Timeline Planning Meeting!)

During the Reception

Receptions are all about having an amazing time with all your family and friends! In order for a really great photography studio to thrive at the reception, it is so important to read the room and have an energy level that can match your guests. During the reception, we switch back and forth between documentary style wedding photography, photojournalistic style wedding photography, and classic portraiture.

For all of those great dance floor candids, we’re typically a little more documentary focused – think capturing all the magic as it unfolds! 😉

Any time a reception event takes place – like the cake cutting, toasts, bouquet/ garter toss, etc – we go a little more photojournalistic and typically offer some gentle guidance on which direction to face and where to stand for the best photos. (We also have advice on how to put together the reception floor plan in a way that will photograph best.)

Where are we incorporating classic portraiture during the reception you might ask? In addition to capturing those wild and crazy open dance floor photos, we also like to offer informal couples & group portraits for all guests who like to participate!