Capturing your engagement with an unforgettable photoshoot in a cemetery is a unique way to honor a loved one and commemorate your moments together. From choosing the perfect location and time, to executing meaningful poses and props for added symbolism, read on for tips on how to successfully take cemetery engagement photos that will last a lifetime.

Dress Up for the Occasion

Dressing for the occasion is essential when it comes to taking engagement photos in a cemetery. Wearing formal attire communicates respect and reverence towards your loved one(s), as well as the environment you are visiting. Consider wardrobe choices that are fitting for the era of the cemetery to add extra symbolism to your images.

Get Formal or Fun With Poses and Props

You can go formal or fun with the poses and props you include in your cemetery engagement photos. For a classic memorial look, avoid props such as balloons and confetti. To make the shoot more fun, consider including symbols of your love like a bouquet of flowers or a sign proclaiming your undying feelings for each other. Make sure to get creative and make the most of your unique location!

Make Sure the Timing is Right, Both Day and Night

When choosing a day for your cemetery engagement photo shoot, take into account the cemetery’s policies and hours. You’ll also want to consider the light at different times of day, the season, and the weather. If you choose an outdoor shoot, think about how fast-changing lighting could make interesting shadows or provide a beautiful backdrop by showing off a sunset or sunrise. If you plan on shooting in the evening, be sure to bring add an additional lighting assistant for your session!