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Introducing wedding portraits NOT on a wedding day! Who would have thunk it? What a novel idea! Bridal portraits are photos taken of brides, grooms, brides & grooms, (maybe also pets???) in wedding attire! This type of session can be solo portraits, or couple portraits, or even family style portraits if you’ve got babes, but it’s a time to get dolled up in your wedding attire and have some professional portraits taken! The wedding day can be long and stressful. What if you didn’t have to worry about taking wedding day portraits? What if you do them after the wedding? Or -GASP- even BEFORE the wedding??? That’s one thing you can remove from your wedding day to give you more time to relax & enjoy your day!



Portrait sessions include:

- Up to 75 minutes (more time available on request)
- One Photographer
- Planning Session & Resources
- Posing Guidance for Natural Photos
- Quick Delivery Times

- Up to 2 Outfits

- Coverage at a single location
~ 150 - 250 Professionally Edited JPG Files
- Personal Print Release
- Complimentary Ordering Premiere
- Complimentary Online Gallery
+ More!

Weekday Portraits
Starting at $799


- Weekend/ Holiday Availability
- Additional Time, Locations, & Outfits

- Expedited Delivery (Same Day, Next Day & 1 Week)
- “NDA” / Privacy of Photographs Agreement
- Lighting/ General Assistant

Additional fees apply. Contact studio details.

Ask us about our $500 24 HR Booking Special!


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Portrait FAQ's

Can I just see a full price menu?

Starting prices are listed on our site. To provide you with the most accurate & up to date pricing for your portrait session, please contact our studio directly. As soon as you've submitted the email form, check your inbox & spam filters right away! You will be automatically be sent a quote for your selected portrait session (in most instances).

You will then be prompted to schedule a quick 15 minute phone call to further discuss your photography needs. A custom quote may then be provided for you if your selected session date or location require additional fees. (WhatsApp calling also available for those outside of the USA.)

Photography is a huge decision - we want to do our best to provide you with the most accurate information for your session!

Who will be my photographer(s)?

Our portrait sessions include one primary photographer that may be Kyle, Jaimie Dee, or an Associate. In most instances, Kyle or Jaimie Dee will be your assigned primary photographer. Learn more about your photographers here.

Contact the studio directly for your photographer availability.

How many photos will I get?

The number of images delivered from Portrait Sessions will range based on the type of Portrait Session selected. Session length, outfit choices, and location(s) can affect the final number of images delivered.

After you contact our studio, you will receive an automated email with a quote & pricing information included. The number of images you can expect from your session will be included in the attached quote.

Do I get ALL of the photos from my session?

See previous question for how many images to expect from your Portrait Session.  Prior to delivering your Portrait Session Images, we remove duplicate images, test photos, blurry photos, and any other images that might dilute the quality of the overall end product. Learn more about the Editing & Post Production Process here.

What photography equipment do you use?

We use all the photography equipments!  Haha, but seriously we bring whatever equipment we need to get the job done and then some.  With camera & equipment rentals available to photographers all throughout the United States (and probably the world), we can also rent additional equipment at any time if a particular job requires equipment we don’t already own.

Do you include videography services?

As we are primarily a wedding photography studio, we specialize in creating the best possible photography.  Although we do not currently offer videography as a service, we include a Preferred Vendors List (videographers included) to all of our booked clients.

Do you have insurance?

Yes.  We have general liability insurance and equipment insurance. We are happy to provide proof of insurance if your venue requires it.

How long have you been photographing portraits?

Jaimie Dee Photography was established in 2008! Learn more about their background & experience here.

Can you help me pick out my portrait session location?

Absolutely! We're happy to make personal recommendations based on previous places we've worked at in the past.

Additionally we've put together a Session Location Brainstorming Guide here. Or if you're just looking for a list of locations in and around the metro Atlanta area, click here.

You can also find a List of Ideas of Indoor Locations here.

And we've made available our previous client sessions for you to view as inspiration here.

All Portrait Sessions also include a complimentary Planning Call to review location & outfit ideas based on the end product you're looking to create from your images.

Can you photograph my portrait session in Switzerland/ Japan/ Hawaii/ insert cool place for portraits here!

Yes, yes, and yassssss.  We love to travel & service clients all over the globe.  We simply charge additionally for travel + accommodation in addition to our regular collection pricing.

Do you offer any discounts?

There are very few circumstances in which we offer discounts.  We do, however, offer value-added specials from time to time as part of our Consultation Booking Special.

My session location is very dark – Do you bring additional lighting?

YES!  We bring…. ALL OF THE LIGHTS….. (Rihanna, anyone? 😜).  On camera flashes, off camera flashes, and even video lights that act as personal spot lights (so you can ….. shine bright like a diamond…..😝).   We bring lighting equipment to prepare for just about any situation that may or may not arise.  And on the off chance your venue is a dark aquarium or a location that doesn’t permit additional lighting, we photograph with professional grade equipment that specializes in low light situations.

Additionally, if you opt for a night time or later evening session, a security officer fee may also be required depending on your selected Portrait Session location.

Do you edit ALL of my photos?

Yes we do! All of the images we deliver from our Portrait Sessions are corrected for color & exposure – meaning the images will be brightened or darkened as necessary and colors are edited to look as true to life as possible with a little added pop. We then do a natural beauty style edit that includes subtle skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and eye brightening – including the under eye area. We also do our best to light and pose our clients correctly while photographing to create the most flattering images for every skin type, body size and shape – this should minimize the need for additional retouching. Our goal while photographing is to create the most flattering images that shouldn’t require additional retouching most of the time. (Learn more about our Editing & Post Production Process here)

Do you offer additional retouching? Like SUPER skin smoothing, ULTRA teeth whitening, body shaping, object removal, etc?

Your images are initially edited to look as true to life as possible with a little added pop (learn more about the process here). If you require additional custom retouching, we include this service complimentary for art pieces commissioned during your Ordering Premiere (learn more here). Your commissioned art pieces will be retouched to your level of specification to the best of our abilities, and even tinted or toned to perfectly match any room you wish to place your artwork in.

Additional Custom Retouching is currently only available for art pieces commissioned at your Order Premiere and currently unavailable as a stand alone service. If you have additional questions on this, feel free to contact us.

Do you back up our images?

Yaaaaaaas.  And our backups have backups!  While photographing images on the location, our professional grade cameras record identical images to two separate cf/ sd cards simultaneously.  Upon returning to our studio, images are immediately uploaded to our local server as well as well as backed up by the cloud to an offsite server.  The cf/ sd cards are then stored in a fire proof/ waterproof secure vault on site until the images are shared with you in an online photo gallery.  At any given time there are 2-3 copies of your photos stored on and offsite. (Learn more about the Backup & Post Production Process here)

What happens if we cancel or reschedule our Portrait Session?

Rescheduling policies differ based on the particular Portrait Session booked.

For Sessions that require a very particular date regardless of rain or shine, an indoor backup location is required. Additionally, we require a signed photography contract and a retainer payment.  This ensures your Photographer does not accept other photography work on your desired date & time.  In the event of a cancellation or rescheduled Portrait Session, our studio suffers a loss.  If this cancellation/ rescheduling occurs 14 days  or more before your session, liquidated damages include your retainer payment.  If this cancellation/ rescheduling occurs within 14 or less of your session, then liquidated damaged include all monies paid.

For Sessions that require date flexibility in the event of inclement weather, we have an Inclement Weather Policy in place in addition to the cancellation/ rescheduling policies listed above.

Contact the studio for more information for your particular Portrait Session.

Bridal Portraits Atlanta GA

What is the point of bridal portraits?

Bridal portraits are a time to have professional photographs taken during one of the most important moments of your life. In the future, they will represent a time in your life when you first started your journey with your significant other. For a lot of couples, not only is it documenting the time in their lives where they publicly commit to one another, but it is also the beginnings of many family stories to come.

How much does a bridal portrait cost?

Bridal portrait session costs may vary significantly based on the experience of the wedding photography studio you hire. As with most service industry professionals, you can expect to get what you pay for.

Are bridal portraits worth it?

Bridal portraits are likely worth it if you value images of yourself from your past. While this is a deeply personal question, here are a couple more to ask yourself – Do you value portraits or photographs taken of yourself from childhood? Do you value portraits or photographs taken of yourself from your teenage years or early adult hood?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, it is very likely that you will one day also value bridal portraits from this time of your life.


Are bridal portraits a southern thing?

Believe it or not, bridal portraits are thought to have originated from Europe! Wherever the original concept of bridal portraits stemmed from, it is something to be valued by people all over the globe.


Do you wear your wedding band in your bridal portraits?

While this is a personal preference, we would highly recommend wearing your wedding band for your bridal portraits regardless if the images are taken before or after your wedding ceremony. When these images are displayed in your home in the future, these portraits will represent the time in your life that you got married. It is appropriate, and likely expected, that you are wearing your wedding bands in your wedding/ bridal portraits.

Do you wear your veil for bridal portraits?

This is also personal preference. Some might even argue that the very reason veils are still custom today are for portraits! Veils can add an additional fun element to your portrait session and even a dramatic flair if your veil is intricately designed or long and sweeping. We highly recommend having access to your veil for your bridal portraits. You can always choose to remove it later for more variety in your photos.

How long do bridal portraits take?

Every photography studio offers varying times for bridal portrait sessions to take place. There is no right or wrong answer, but perhaps a sweet spot or ideal range to fall within. If the session is too short, you likely will not have enough portraits or enough variety to your images to have a good selection to choose from. If your session is too long, it can be rather exhausting and lead to a negative experience that could taint the memory of the portraits taken. While the photographs might turn out beautifully, you will forever remember how exhausted or tired you were when the photograph was taken. 


How big should a bridal portrait be?

A bridal portrait hung up on the wall should be however big or small you have room for. If your walls are bare, and your bridal portrait is the only thing hung on the wall, we would highly recommend creating a large statement style piece that draws in the eye. If you already have a lot of artwork displayed on your walls, you could choose to remove some pieces to make room for a large statement style piece (if that is your style), or you can choose to create smaller collage style pieces that may fit amongst the current installations already displayed in your home. 


When should you take wedding photos?

Wedding photos can be taken on the wedding day before or after your ceremony, or even on a different day entirely. If you choose to take your wedding photos on a separate day, you would schedule a bridal portrait session with your photography studio of choice. This bridal session can be scheduled before or after your wedding day. Some brides might choose to have wedding portraits taken on the same day as her makeup trial, while some couples prefer to not see each other before the wedding day and prefer to schedule their bridal portrait session for after.

How do you display wedding portraits?

Wedding portraits can be displayed on the walls in large or small art pieces (think canvases, acrylics, metals, or prints). Wedding portraits can also be displayed in a wedding album that is kept on a bookshelf, coffee table, or mantle.

Is a bridal session necessary?

A stand alone bridal session scheduled on a separate day (before or after the wedding) can free up time on your actual wedding day that might have otherwise been used for pictures. This can help reduce wedding day stress & help add some free time back into your wedding day schedule. It is one less thing you’ll have to have to worry about!

How do brides pose?

It is 100% your photographer’s responsibility to teach you and show you the best poses that are the most flattering! – That’s why you hire a really great professional! When you pay a really great photographer, you’re paying for their level of experience and knowledge of how to look amazing on camera!

What is a day after session?

A “Day After Session” is a separate portrait session after the wedding – usually in bridal attire. It is a bridal style portrait session that focuses on the bride and groom.

How do you prepare for a bridal session?

There are so many thing you can do to prepare for a bridal session! Everything from choosing the best location(s) for your session, to practicing a couple poses ahead of time, to working on your skin regimen, and practicing good posture.

How can I look thinner in a wedding photo?

There’s a reason wedding diets & exercise programs are all the rage. BUT if your wedding day is right around the corner, and there isn’t enough time for traditional diet & exercise programs, a great wedding photographer will teach you the best techniques to look & feel amazing on camera. There are many tricks to posing & various angles to employ to achieve the best results. Choose a wedding day professional that will look out for you & have your best interest at heart.

Is it weird to retake wedding photos?

Absolutely not! Time & time again, couples approach us to retake their wedding photos because they didn’t hire the right professional wedding photographer the first time. Retaking wedding photos gives you a chance to dress up in your wedding attire again & create some awesome new memories!

Do you take wedding photos after the wedding?

Wedding photos, or wedding portraits, can be taken before or after the wedding. They can be taken on the day of the actual wedding ceremony, or even booked as a completely different photo session. A bridal portrait session, or wedding portrait session, can be booked days, weeks, or months, before or after the wedding. Some might even book a celebratory one year anniversary session to commemorate their special day!

Can you do bridal portraits after wedding?

Bridal portraits can be taken before or after the wedding. Wedding portraits can happen on the day of the wedding, or booked as a completely stand alone portrait session. This session can be booked before or after the wedding day.

When should you take bridal portraits?

Bridal portraits can be taken at any time! On a wedding day, they can take place before the ceremony, after the ceremony, or sometimes even during the reception! If you have too many things on the schedule for the wedding day already, you can book a separate bridal portraits photo session instead. This bridal portraits session can happen any time before or after the wedding day.

Why are bridal portraits important?

Bridal Portraits are important because they immortalize the time in your life at the beginning of your journey together as a married couple! Bridal portraits displayed in the home also forever immortalize your youth.

Do you take pictures before or after the wedding?

Pictures can be taken before or after the wedding. Bridal portraits can be taken day, weeks, or months leading up to the wedding, or any time after.

What is the difference between engagement photos and bridal photos?

Engagement photos are typically taken shortly after a couple gets engaged and are traditionally taken in casual “street clothes” or formal wear attire. Bridal photos can be taken at the wedding, or shortly before or after. The couple during a bridal session is typically wearing wedding or bridal attire, whereas the couple during an engagement session typically wear casual “street clothes” or formal attire.