Engagement Photo Pose Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos

by Jaimie Dee

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Whether you’re a client of ours, or you happened to have stumbled across this on your own, welcome!  We wanted to put a resource guide together for couples seeking engagement photo pose ideas & Best Poses for Engagement Photos.

We believe it is the photographers’ responsibility to make couples look their best on the day of their engagement session!  Our clients are typically not models and require some guidance when it comes to posing in front of the camera.  We’ve put together a collection of 4 super simple engagement photo poses to run through any engagement session.  There are a variety of poses that can be created and stemmed from these initial 4 poses, but as long as we remember this simple foundation, we can do just about anything.

The 4 Poses

During our session, we will review and start with these basic 4 poses for engagement pictures and then work off of varieties before we dive into more advanced and candid styles of posing.  The 4 basic poses we will cover are

  1. The Face Each Other
  2. The Prom Pose
  3. The Walk Run
  4. The T-Pose

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Engagement Photo Poses Ideas: The Face Each Other Pose

The first and one of our favorites of all the engagement photo poses, is to simply face each other.  It’s SO easy and there are so many varieties that this particular pose can bring.  In a majority of cases, these couples are standing fairly close to each other – chest to chest.  But in some instances, there might be a gap between the couple, but they are always still facing each other.

In this particular image below, the couple is looking directly at the camera – an excellent opportunity for the couple’s portrait to be taken.

french quarter engagement photos

While in this pose, we have the couple share an embrace with each other.

french quarter engagement photos

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french quarter engagement photos

Full of surprises, this couple below did this all on their own!  Still facing each other, the bride to be jumped up in the air as her fiance embraced her.

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Dallas-Wedding-Photographers-0002 Engagement Photos at Home | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Even in the rain, our clients are TROOPERS!  As one of the easiest poses to pull off in the least amount of time, we were able to grab this quickly and run back for cover.

Engagement Photos at Home | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photography Style oglethorpe-university-engagement-session-atlanta-wedding-photographer-0008 engagement photo poses ideas at vines mansion Lustre Finish Uga-Engagement-Pictures-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-0019 Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography engagement poses ideas - couple having fun Athens Engagement Photos | South Kitchen and Bar | Atlanta Wedding Photographer Athens Engagement Photos | South Kitchen and Bar | Atlanta Wedding Photographer Athens Engagement Photos | South Kitchen and Bar | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

As demonstrated by the couple below, this simple pose can be performed sitting down or standing.


Of all the Creative Engagement Photo Ideas you might be searching for, consider this simple pose!  Just face each other.  Magic will follow.

poses for engagement pictures - looking at each other

By the way, if you need indoor photoshoot location ideas for an indoor engagement session, check out this article!

Best Poses for Engagement Photos: The Prom Pose

The second pose in our series for Creative Engagement Photo Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos is a modern take on the traditional Prom Pose!  Of all the best poses for engagement photos, this one is a favorite as it has a funny sentimental root in most American high school prom experiences.  For whatever reason, this was THE pose back in the day.  We’ve included a couple of varieties below.  The most typical variation of this pose we see is when the girl stands in front of the guy, and the guy pulls her into a tight hug!

In these examples of engagement photo poses, the couples can interact with each other….

The Calhoun Estate Atlanta Wedding Photography

OR they can be facing the camera directly.

engagement poses ideas

This pose is also fun for bringing out all the silly giggles!

poses for engagement photos - young couple

In this variation, instead of the guy standing behind the girl, we see the reverse!  I guess we’ll call this…. The Reverse Prom Pose.


This particular variation of the Prom Pose makes use of a railing.  Any time we add in other elements to the image, we like to play with them.  In this particular shot, we had the couple leaning up against the railing – but notice, they’re still in the Prom Pose!

engagement photo poses - couple looking at each other

This demonstrates another variety of the Reverse Prom Pose!  Because of the couple’s height differences in this particular shot, the bride is the feature of this image!  Great for showing off a nice close up.

Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography

When you’re looking for the best poses for engagement photos, consider the Prom Pose or even the Reverse Prom Pose!  It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

engagement photo pose couple - prom pose

Engagement Poses Ideas: The Walk Run

As part of our four part series for the Creative Engagement Photo Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos, our third pose is the Walk Run.  If you’re looking for Engagement Poses Ideas, the Walk Run is as simple as it sounds.  It can be performed walking or running.  Walking towards the camera, walking away from the camera.  Walking with the camera.  Running towards the camera, running away from the camera, running with the camera!  You get the idea!  This gives our couples a chance to move in front of the camera!  While posing is great, sometimes we like to move around a little bit.  This gives our couples a chance to shake out any feelings of awkwardness and allows us to focus on the fun laughter that ensues.

This was shot in downtown New Orleans and features the couple running side by side while engaging with each other.

french quarter engagement photos

The same couple in the image below is enjoying a nice evening stroll through the streets of New Orleans.

french quarter engagement photos french quarter engagement photos

This couple wanted to include their child dog as part of their engagement session!  Although sometimes a little unpredictable, adding a pet to the engagement session adds an extra layer of dimension and fun personality!  If thinking about including a pet, we always recommend having an additional person to tend to your pet.


While not professional models, this couple could have fooled us!  And all they did was WALK towards the camera.


When looking for Engagement Poses Ideas, definitely consider the Walk Run!  It’s so simple, but it works wonders. It’s definitely one you should have in your arsenal of poses for engagement pictures!


Creative Engagement Photo Ideas: The T-Pose

The last in our series of Creative Engagement Photo Ideas: Best Poses for Engagement Photos, this last pose is perhaps one of the more difficult ones to write about online, but SUPER easy to demonstrate and show in person!  Ladies and gentelmen, we give you the T-Pose.   If you’re looking for creative engagement photo ideas, the T-pose will help your posing game grow by leaps and bounds!  In the T-pose, the groom stands facing the camera while the bride stands facing the groom.  Their bodies together create the T-shape.

french quarter engagement photos

In this image below, we see the bride’s body facing the groom and the groom’s body facing the camera.  Both of their eyes are on the camera, but they could just as easily be engaged with each other in this pose as well.

french quarter engagement photos

Meanwhile, looking in opposing directions will always add a touch of drama to your image.

shutterfest 2015 William Innes Class

Here, we see the exact same T-formation in that the groom’s body faces the camera and the bride’s body faces the groom.  However, in this image, we see the bride and groom interacting with each other rather than looking at the camera.


This particular T-pose below is demonstrated while sitting down. Of all the poses for engagement pictures, this one is also one of the super easy ones!

Stone Mountain Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography Athens Engagement Photos | South Kitchen and Bar | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for creative engagement photo ideas, definitely add the T-pose to your repertoire of poses.  You’ll be glad you did!

South Kitchen and Bar | Athens Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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