Engagement Photo Outfits: What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Engagement Photo Outfits: What to Wear for Engagement Photos

What to wear - dress guide

Engagement Photo Outfits: What to Wear for Engagement Photos

One of my FAVORITE topics to discuss with our brides and grooms is what to wear for engagement photos!  While we have all kinds of tips and tricks to make the most of this photo shoot, our number one priority for all engagement photo outfits is for our couples to feel comfortable!  When you look good, you feel good!  Whether you’re looking for what to wear for engagement photos outdoors or indoors, engagement session outfits should be make you FEEL great!

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

In order to get variety in our sessions, we tell our clients to choose two engagement photo outfits – one formal and one casual!  These clothes should be comfortable and make you feel good when you wear them.  Pick 2-3 colors and create layered outfits based on these colors.  You don’t want to be matchy/matchy and wear the EXACT same thing, but you do want to look like you belong together!  Without further ado, we have a couple of tips to review to put together your best possible engagement session outfits!



6 Tips for the BEST Engagement Photo Outfits

1) Use Layers & Textures, be wary of prints.

Layers photograph quite nicely!  Fabrics like wool, corduroy, denim, & satin have rich textures that look good when photographed in color & black and white. Be careful of large obnoxious patterns & graphics that might attract attention away from your faces!


2) Wear heels but bring flats too!

Heels help to elongate the leg and help give women that sexy s-curve they long for!  While we LOVE to photograph high heeled pumps, be sure to bring a good pair of flats for walking from location to location! Your feet will thank you later.




3) Get Professional hair & makeup done.

Consider having your hair & makeup done professionally.  While we don’t require this of our clients, we DEFINITELY recommend it as we’ve seen this make a HUGE difference in confidence levels as well as the overall quality of images we’ve produced for our clients in the past.  If you’re planning an engagement session near Atlanta, GA, we recommend Megan Quintana Artistry.  She is the bomb.com!  If you’re planning an engagement session elsewhere, I believe Megan travels as well!




4) Bring stuff for touch ups.

Don’t forget to bring any items you might need in case of a touch up – MIRROR, makeup, hair spray or other hair products you’re using, a comb or hairbrush, hair ties, bobby pins, etc.




5) Wear accessories!

Accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, sunglasses, glasses, & watches add dimension & depth to your photographs.  If you’re not 100% sure about them, they can always be swapped out during your engagement session.




6) Pack the right type of bag.

While photographing in one outfit, your second set of outfits, touch up makeup, and loose accessories should be tucked away safely in a portable sized storage bag.  It’s helpful to pack a bag that’s lightweight yet has room enough to rummage around in when you’re looking for that bottle of hairspray to touch up any random fly-aways during your engagement session.  Bonus points if your bag has wheels!




In conclusion, if you’re still looking for inspiration on what to wear for your engagement session, you can check out what some of our previous clients have done for their engagement photo outfits as well!  If you found these tips helpful, you should also check out our Engagement Posing Guide here!  If you have any other useful tips on what to wear for engagement photos, please post them below in the comments.