Indoor Photoshoot Locations Near Me | Indoor Photoshoot Location Ideas

Indoor Photoshoot Locations Near Me | Indoor Photoshoot Location Ideas

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Why indoor photoshoot location ideas?

If you’re asking yourself, “Where are the best indoor photoshoot locations near me?”- you’ve come to the right place!  Is the weather outside frightful?  Perhaps you’re living in a frozen tundra of freezing rain, sleet, or snow.  Or perhaps you have the opposite problem.  Is it the middle of summer time and you can’t stand outside longer than 5 minutes without getting third degree burns?  Regardless of your plight with the great outdoors, we’re here to help you brainstorm some indoor photoshoot location ideas.

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Top 101 Pretty Indoor Places to Take Pictures Near Me


Airports are bustling places, perfect for capturing the excitement of travel. The big open spaces, lots of people on the move, and cool architectural details make for dynamic photos that tell stories of adventure and reunion. It’s a great spot to catch the energy of people coming and going.

Antique Shop

Antique shops are full of old and interesting items, each with a story, which makes them great for photos that feel nostalgic and unique. These shops are packed with cool finds that can add a quirky or elegant touch to your shots, depending on what you discover. The soft lighting often found here also adds a warm, inviting glow to your photos.


Aquariums are awesome for dreamy, colorful photos. The glowing tanks full of fish and other sea creatures create a beautiful, otherworldly setting. It’s perfect for romantic or whimsical photos where you want a backdrop that feels like an underwater wonderland.


Arcades are fun and colorful, filled with bright lights and classic games. They’re perfect for lively, playful photos that capture fun moments with friends or family. The retro vibe also adds a cool, nostalgic feel to your photos.

Art Studio

Art studios are creative and a bit chaotic, brimming with art supplies and works in progress. This makes them perfect for capturing the essence of creativity, whether it’s an artist at work or anyone looking for a backdrop that screams artistic flair. The mess and colors add to the authenticity and energy of the photos.

Axe Throwing Venue

Axe throwing venues are edgy and cool, offering a backdrop that’s a bit different and adventurous. Capturing someone in mid-throw can add an exciting, dynamic element to your photos, making it perfect for images that look bold and intense.


Bakeries and delis are warm and welcoming, filled with the delicious smells of fresh bread and pastries. They’re perfect for cozy shots that make people feel right at home. The array of baked goods also adds a mouthwatering visual element to any photo.


Banks have an impressive, formal vibe with their grand architecture and sophisticated interiors. They’re great for images that need a touch of elegance or power, making your photos look polished and professional.


Bars, especially ones with unique themes or a bit of history, offer great lighting and a cool ambiance. They’re perfect for moody, intimate photos or casual, laid-back shots. The reflections in mirrors and glasses can add an interesting layer to your photos, making them look deeper and more intriguing.


Barns have a rustic charm that’s great for country-themed or romantic photos. The natural wood and hay provide a warm, earthy backdrop that feels inviting and cozy. It’s ideal for capturing moments that feel simple yet beautiful.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfasts are cozy and full of character, offering uniquely decorated interiors that provide a warm and inviting backdrop for photos. The charming rooms often feature vintage furnishings, decorative touches, and an overall quaint aesthetic that can enhance any portrait or lifestyle session. The intimate scale of B&B interiors, often with inviting nooks and beautifully appointed common areas, makes them perfect for capturing comfortable and relaxed images.

Billiards Hall

Billiards halls have a cool, laid-back vibe, with their pool tables and moody lighting. They’re great for casual, stylish photos that capture people having fun and relaxing. The felt tables and colorful billiard balls can add interesting visual elements to your shots.

Board Game Cafe

Board game cafes are full of energy and color, packed with shelves of games and groups of people laughing and playing. This makes them perfect for vibrant, lively photos that capture fun and interaction. The games themselves add a playful touch to the background.


Boats and ships provide a unique setting with views of the water and the horizon. They’re perfect for adventurous shots or romantic moments, offering a sense of escape and exploration. The decks and rails also add interesting lines and perspectives to compositions.


Bookstores are whimsical and intellectual spaces, filled with rows of books and cozy nooks. They’re great for thoughtful, serene shots that capture the love of reading or the joy of discovery. The shelves create a beautiful patterned backdrop that adds depth to your photos.

Bowling Alley

Bowling alleys are fun and vibrant, with their shiny lanes and colorful pins. They’re great for action photos or group photos that capture movement and excitement. The lanes provide a great leading line that draws the viewer into the action.


Breweries have an industrial yet inviting feel, with their large brewing tanks and wooden bars. They’re perfect for relaxed, authentic shots that capture the craft and the casual enjoyment of beer tasting. The textures of metal and wood add a robust backdrop to any scene.

Car Mechanic Garage

Car mechanic garages are gritty and raw, filled with tools and car parts. They’re great for edgy, dynamic photos that capture the hard work and skill involved in car repair. The clutter and machinery add a tough, authentic feel to the shots.


Casinos are flashy and exciting, with their bright lights, vibrant colors, and the constant sound of games. They’re perfect for glamorous or high-energy images that capture the thrill of gambling and the luxurious setting. The sparkle and motion of the machines make a lively backdrop.

Church/Place of Worship

Churches and places of worship offer a serene and majestic setting, with their beautiful architecture and peaceful ambiance. They’re perfect for reflective or solemn photos that capture spirituality or significant life events. The stained glass and high ceilings add a breathtaking element to any shot.

Civic Center/Community Center

Civic centers and community centers are hubs of activity, often bustling with events and people. They’re great for capturing community interactions or events that bring people together. The spaces are usually large and versatile, suitable for a variety of photo themes.


Clubhouses often serve as social gathering points in communities, offering a mix of relaxation and recreational facilities. They’re great for lifestyle images that capture leisure, community, or family time. The settings can vary from sophisticated lounges to active game rooms.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are cozy and welcoming, featuring an array of comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and the rich aroma of brewed coffee. They often display an eclectic mix of furniture and decor that can provide a relaxed and intimate backdrop for photos. The array of coffee machines, cups, and artisanal details contribute to a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for serene and homey shots.

Comic Book Store

Comic book stores are vibrant and colorful, filled with shelves packed with a wide variety of comic books and memorabilia. These stores are visual feasts, with posters, action figures, and stacks of comics adding to the lively atmosphere. The colorful artwork on the covers and the organized chaos of so many stories packed into one place make for a dynamic and exciting backdrop.

Concert Hall

Concert halls boast grandeur and elegance, often featuring sweeping rows of seating, majestic stages, and ornate architectural details. The expansive interiors with high ceilings and dramatic lighting provide a sophisticated and cultural setting for any shoot. The grand piano on stage or the intricate carvings and velvet seats add a touch of class and history.

Consignment Shop

Consignment shops offer a unique assortment of items, from vintage clothing to antique furniture, each with its own charm. The eclectic mix provides a backdrop full of character and stories, perfect for creating a nostalgic or retro feel in photos. The varied textures and colors of the merchandise can create an engaging and visually rich setting.

Co-working Space

Co-working spaces are modern and stylish, featuring open layouts with contemporary furniture and high-tech amenities. These spaces are designed to foster creativity and collaboration, with areas ranging from private pods to communal lounges. The sleek, functional design coupled with vibrant art and greenery makes for a backdrop that conveys innovation and professionalism.


Courthouses are imposing structures with grand facades and formal, dignified interiors. The classic architecture, including large columns, marble floors, and expansive hallways, speaks to the gravity and authority of the law. The solemnity and architectural grandeur make it a compelling backdrop for photography, emphasizing power and order.


Cideries often feature rustic interiors with wooden beams and barrels, embodying a warm, country vibe. The production areas with barrels and modern brewing equipment provide a backdrop that blends rustic charm with industrial functionality. The natural elements and soft lighting create a cozy, inviting atmosphere ideal for casual and authentic photos.

City Hall/Town Hall

City halls and town halls often feature stately architecture with historical significance. These buildings usually have impressive facades and are equipped with large, formal spaces inside, such as council chambers and grand staircases. The blend of heritage and civic pride makes these locations ideal for capturing the essence of community and governance.

Comedy Club

Comedy clubs are intimate venues often characterized by a stage set against a backdrop of brick walls, dim lighting, and tightly packed seating. The atmosphere is typically casual and a bit edgy, with memorabilia and iconic imagery decorating the space. This setting can provide a backdrop that captures the essence of live performance and nightlife.

Country Club

Country clubs offer luxurious and well-maintained facilities, including expansive golf courses, tennis courts, and elegant dining areas. The interiors are usually classic and polished, with views overlooking manicured lawns and gardens. The opulence and leisurely atmosphere make it a prime location for high-end, sophisticated photo sessions.

Cultural Center

Cultural centers are vibrant hubs that showcase art, culture, and community activities. These centers often feature exhibition spaces, performance halls, and artist studios, each designed to reflect the cultural heritage they represent. The diverse and dynamic environments provide rich, educational backdrops that are both colorful and inspiring.

Dance Studio

Dance studios are simple yet dynamic spaces, featuring large mirrors, barres, and open floors. The minimalistic setup allows the focus to remain on the movement within the space, making it ideal for capturing the art of dance and movement. The reflective surfaces and natural light often found in these studios enhance the sense of space and motion.

Doughnut Shop

Doughnut shops are delightful and colorful venues, often filled with the enticing aromas of sweet treats and fresh coffee. These shops typically display an array of doughnuts in various flavors and styles, from classic glazed to extravagant toppings, creating a vibrant visual feast. The cheerful, often playful decor complements the casual and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect backdrop for lively and appetizing photos. Doughnut shops also offer a sense of nostalgia and comfort, evoking memories of simple pleasures.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are themed environments designed to engage and challenge participants with puzzles and storytelling elements. Each room is uniquely decorated to fit a specific theme, from detective stories to historical adventures, providing a rich and immersive backdrop for photos. The attention to detail in the props and setting creates a compelling and interactive environment. (Focus on one of the intricately themed rooms, highlighting the creativity and detail that goes into the design and setup.)

Event Space

Event spaces are versatile and designed to accommodate a variety of functions, from weddings to corporate events. These spaces often feature large, open interiors with adaptable lighting and décor to fit any theme. The expansive rooms and elegant design elements provide a neutral yet sophisticated backdrop that can be customized to suit any event’s aesthetic. (Visualize an expansive, modern event hall with high ceilings, large windows letting in natural light, and elegant table settings prepared for a gala event.)

Flea Market (Indoor)

Flea markets are bustling with activity, offering a treasure trove of vintage goods, crafts, and unique finds. The colorful stalls, eclectic merchandise, and vibrant atmosphere make them perfect for dynamic, textured photos that capture the spirit of discovery and diversity. (Capture the lively essence of a flea market with rows of stalls under colorful canopies, displaying an array of antiques, clothing, and handmade items, bustling with people browsing.)

Fire Department

Fire departments are integral to community safety and are characterized by their functional and robust facilities. The presence of fire trucks, equipment, and uniforms provides a backdrop that conveys strength and readiness. The clean, organized environment reflects the discipline and dedication of the firefighters. (Showcase the interior of a fire station with fire trucks parked in a neat row, equipment hung precisely on the walls, and a sense of alert readiness.)

Fitness Gym

Fitness gyms are filled with various exercise equipment, from weight machines to cardio devices. The environment is dynamic and energetic, ideal for capturing themes of health, endurance, and personal improvement. The arrangement of equipment and the gym’s layout can add interesting lines and perspectives to photographs. (Visualize an expansive gym floor with rows of high-tech treadmills, weight stations, and dedicated areas for yoga or high-intensity training, emphasizing the gym’s modern facilities.)


Greenhouses are lush and filled with an array of plants, providing a vibrant backdrop that’s perfect for nature-themed photos. The structure of the greenhouse, with its glass panels and framing, allows natural light to flood the interior, highlighting the natural beauty of the plants. (Focus on the interior of a greenhouse, showcasing a variety of exotic plants and flowers in full bloom, with sunlight filtering through the translucent roof panels.)

Grocery Store

Grocery stores are everyday scenes packed with color and variety, from the produce aisles to the packed shelves of goods. The arrangement of products provides a backdrop that’s both familiar and vibrant, great for lifestyle shoots that reflect everyday activities. (Capture the vibrant colors and organized chaos of a grocery store’s produce section, focusing on the array of fresh fruits and vegetables neatly displayed.)

Gun Range

Gun ranges offer a controlled environment focused on safety and precision. The setting, typically stark and functional, can convey themes of focus and skill. The lanes and targets provide a backdrop that emphasizes accuracy and concentration. (Show a detailed view of a gun range lane, with targets at varying distances, earmuffs hanging by the lane, and a clear focus on the target downrange.)

Haunted House

Haunted houses are designed to thrill and chill, with dark corridors, spooky decor, and eerie lighting. These spaces are perfect for thematic shoots that require a backdrop filled with mystery and suspense. The theatrical elements like cobwebs, dim lights, and themed props add to the chilling atmosphere. (Visualize a dimly lit corridor of a haunted house, with ghostly silhouettes, flickering lights, and ancient portraits hanging from the walls.)

Historical Building

Historical buildings stand as testaments to architectural heritage and cultural history. With their vintage aesthetics and preserved structures, these buildings offer a majestic and timeless setting. The intricate details, from the stonework to the ornate windows, provide a rich backdrop that speaks of the past. (Capture the grandeur of a historical building’s façade, focusing on the architectural details and craftsmanship, possibly with a vintage car parked in front.)

Holiday Themed Pop-Up Bar

Holiday-themed pop-up bars are all about festive decor and seasonal cheer. These temporary venues are usually decked out with lights, decorations, and fun themed menus. The vibrant and festive atmosphere makes them perfect for cheerful, holiday-spirited photos. (Imagine a cozy, festive pop-up bar decorated with twinkling lights, Christmas ornaments, and patrons enjoying seasonal drinks.)

Home (Your home, a friend’s home, etc)

Homes are deeply personal and intimate spaces that uniquely reflect the personalities and lives of their inhabitants. The interior of a home, whether it’s a cozy living room, a well-appointed kitchen, or a quiet study, offers distinct areas that each provide a sense of warmth and belonging. The décor, from family heirlooms to modern art, along with thoughtful layout choices, creates a backdrop that is inherently meaningful and comforting. This makes homes ideal for indoor photography that aims to capture personal stories and intimate moments. (Visualize a beautifully decorated living room, focusing on the arrangement of soft lighting, plush furniture, and personal elements such as bookshelves filled with books, art on the walls, and family photos that tell a story, creating an inviting and lived-in atmosphere.)

Hotel Lobby

Hotel lobbies are often grand and luxurious, serving as the gateway to the accommodation’s offerings. With elegant furniture, exquisite art, and often lavish decor, these spaces provide a backdrop of sophistication and luxury. The expansive area with its detailed design elements is ideal for high-end, glamorous shoots. (Capture the opulence of a grand hotel lobby, highlighting its luxurious furnishings, grand staircase, and the ambient lighting that enhances the rich textures and colors.)

Ice Cream Shop

Ice cream shops are bright and colorful, showcasing a tempting array of flavors at vibrant serving counters. The cheerful and inviting atmosphere, enhanced by whimsical decor, makes these shops a delightful backdrop for photo sessions that capture fun and enjoyment. They offer a universal appeal, perfect for creating lively and engaging images that evoke happiness and indulgence. (Visualize the interior of an ice cream shop, highlighting the colorful display of various ice cream flavors and the playful, vibrant decorations that contribute to a welcoming and joyful setting.)

Indoor Farmers Market

Indoor farmers markets are bustling with activity, featuring stalls of fresh produce, handmade goods, and local delicacies. The array of colors and textures from fruits, vegetables, and artisan products creates a vibrant and lively backdrop perfect for lifestyle and culinary photography. (Capture the vibrant and busy atmosphere of an indoor farmers market, highlighting the variety of stalls with colorful produce and bustling shoppers.)

Indoor Put-Put

Indoor putt-putt or mini-golf courses are fun and creatively themed environments, often featuring whimsical obstacles and vibrant colors. Each hole provides a unique challenge and visual, making it a playful backdrop for photos that capture fun and games. (Show a creatively themed putt-putt hole, focusing on the colorful obstacles, like windmills or novelty structures, set against the playful layout of the course.)

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing gyms are dynamic and visually striking, with walls covered in colorful holds and routes. The vertical lines and textures of the walls create a backdrop that conveys challenge and adventure, ideal for capturing action and determination. (Visualize the tall climbing walls with vibrant, geometric climbing holds, emphasizing the scale and the challenge of the climb.)

Indoor Shopping Mall

Indoor shopping malls are vast and diverse, with stores displaying the latest fashion, technology, and more. The wide corridors, decorative lighting, and seasonal displays offer a backdrop that captures the essence of modern consumer culture. (Capture the bustling ambiance of a busy indoor shopping mall, highlighting the architectural design and the variety of storefronts along a wide, busy corridor.)

Indoor Skate Park

Indoor skate parks are gritty and action-packed, featuring ramps, rails, and bowls that cater to skaters of all levels. The graffiti, urban art, and worn surfaces add to the edgy atmosphere, making it an excellent backdrop for dynamic sports photography. (Show a section of the skate park with ramps and rails, emphasizing the urban art and the used, gritty texture of the skating surfaces.)

Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pools offer a serene and refreshing setting, with clear blue water and often beautifully designed surroundings. The reflective surface of the water and the play of light through windows create a tranquil yet invigorating atmosphere. (Visualize the tranquil waters of an indoor pool, focusing on the clear blue water, pool lanes, and the light reflections on the surface and surrounding area.)

Indoor Trampoline Park

Indoor trampoline parks are full of energy and excitement, with areas of interconnected trampolines and foam pits. The bright colors and constant motion provide a lively backdrop that captures the essence of fun and physical activity. (Capture the dynamic environment of an indoor trampoline park, focusing on the arrangement of trampolines, colorful safety pads, and the overall vibrant, energetic setting.)

Indoor Zoo

Indoor zoos offer a chance to see animals up close, in environments that mimic their natural habitats. These spaces are filled with interesting textures, from rock walls to jungle-like vegetation, providing a rich backdrop that speaks of nature and wildlife conservation. The glass enclosures and detailed habitat setups allow for clear and engaging animal photography. (Capture the diverse habitats within the indoor zoo, focusing on the detail and variety of enclosures with animals interacting in their thoughtfully designed spaces.)

Jazz Club

Jazz clubs are intimate venues known for their sultry ambiance and soulful music. The low lighting, coupled with the soft glow of stage lights, creates a moody and atmospheric setting ideal for capturing the essence of live jazz performances. The décor often features vintage instruments and classic photos of music legends, adding to the nostalgic vibe. (Show the cozy interior of a jazz club, highlighting the dimly lit tables, a small stage with a vintage microphone, and the ambient glow that sets the mood for music.)

Kids’ Indoor Play Area

Kids’ indoor play areas are bursting with color and activity, featuring everything from slides and ball pits to creative play zones. These areas are designed to stimulate and entertain, making them perfect for vibrant, playful photos that capture the joy and energy of childhood. The variety of play equipment also provides a visually engaging backdrop. (Visualize a brightly colored play area, focusing on the diversity of play structures and the dynamic environment created for children’s enjoyment and learning.)

Laser Tag Venue

Laser tag venues offer a futuristic and action-packed setting with their darkened rooms lit by neon lights and glowing vests. The maze-like playing fields with barriers and hideouts provide an exciting backdrop that captures themes of strategy and adventure. The play of light and shadow creates a dramatic effect, perfect for dynamic and intense photos. (Capture the interior of a laser tag arena, emphasizing the neon-lit obstacles and players in action with their glowing gear in the semi-darkness.)


Libraries are serene and scholarly environments, lined with rows upon rows of books. The quiet atmosphere and the smell of old paper create a backdrop of knowledge and tranquility. The architectural elements, such as grand arches or classic reading tables, add to the scholarly vibe, making libraries ideal for contemplative or academic-themed shoots. (Show a grand library room with towering bookshelves, a long central reading table, and classic architecture that enhances the intellectual atmosphere.)

Luxury Car Dealership

Luxury car dealerships are sleek and modern, displaying high-end vehicles in pristine condition. The polished floors and spotless surroundings reflect the exclusivity and sophistication of the cars. This setting is perfect for capturing the essence of luxury and modern design. (Visualize the showroom floor with a range of luxury cars, focusing on their reflective surfaces and the sophisticated layout of the dealership.)

Magic Shop

Magic shops are intriguing and mysterious, filled with tricks, costumes, and gadgets that spark curiosity. The eclectic assortment of magical paraphernalia provides a backdrop full of wonder and illusion, perfect for whimsical or mysterious-themed photos. The shelves packed with colorful boxes and mystical items add a playful and enigmatic feel. (Capture the inside of a magic shop, highlighting the array of magic tricks, books, and mysterious objects that fill the space, creating a sense of wonder.)

Martial Arts Dojo

Martial arts dojos are simple yet powerful spaces, designed for discipline and practice. The minimalistic setup with mats, traditional decor, and equipment like punching bags and wooden dummies emphasizes the dojo’s purpose. This setting conveys themes of strength, discipline, and cultural heritage, making it ideal for powerful, focused photography. (Show the interior of a dojo with training mats, a lineup of wooden dummies, and traditional decorations that reflect the art’s heritage.)


Meadery venues combine the rustic charm of old-world brewing with the modern craft beverage scene. The large vats, wooden barrels, and cozy tasting rooms create an inviting atmosphere that captures the process of mead-making. This setting is great for photos that convey craftsmanship and the enjoyment of unique, artisanal drinks. (Visualize a meadery’s brewing and tasting area, focusing on the wooden barrels and cozy setup that invites guests to taste and learn about mead.)

Modern Art Museum

Modern art museums are spaces of creativity and innovation, featuring bold artworks and contemporary designs. The clean, open spaces allow the art to stand out, providing a visually stimulating backdrop that challenges perceptions and inspires viewers. The variety of art installations, from sculptures to digital exhibits, creates endless photographic opportunities. (Capture a section of the modern art museum, focusing on the interaction of space and contemporary installations, highlighting the architectural elements and the art displayed.)

Movie Theatre

Movie theatres are iconic spaces, characterized by large, darkened rooms with rows of seating facing a giant screen. The ambiance is one of anticipation and escapism, perfect for capturing the magic of cinema. The vintage or modern decor, depending on the theatre, can add a nostalgic or sleek backdrop to your photos. (Visualize the dramatic perspective of a movie theatre from the back row, focusing on the plush seats and the expansive screen illuminated in a dark room.)


Museums and planetariums are educational and inspiring venues filled with artifacts and exhibits ranging from historical relics to astronomical displays. The spacious halls and themed exhibits provide a rich backdrop that conveys learning and exploration. In a planetarium, the dome-shaped ceiling lit by projections of stars and galaxies offers a unique and awe-inspiring setting. (Capture the inside of a planetarium with a starry sky projection overhead, focusing on the dome structure and the immersive experience it offers.)

Night Club/Lounge

Night clubs and lounges are pulsating with energy, often featuring dim lighting punctuated by neon lights and vibrant LEDs. The atmosphere is one of excitement and nightlife glamour, ideal for photos that capture movement and mood. The stylish decor and dynamic crowd add to the vibrant setting. (Show the interior of a night club with colorful lighting, sleek furniture, and a busy dance floor, emphasizing the lively and stylish atmosphere.)

Old Factory Loft

Old factory lofts offer a blend of industrial grit and urban chic, with exposed brick walls, large windows, and high ceilings. The spacious interiors are often minimally decorated, allowing the raw textures and structural elements like beams and pipes to stand out. This backdrop is perfect for edgy, contemporary photos that highlight architectural character. (Visualize a spacious loft with exposed brick, large, sunlit windows, and sparse, stylish furnishings that highlight the industrial aesthetic.)

Opera House

Opera houses are grand and ornate, featuring opulent architecture with intricate details such as gold gilding, plush red velvet seats, and spectacular chandeliers. The stage and auditorium provide a majestic setting that exudes culture and elegance, ideal for sophisticated and dramatic photography. (Capture the grandeur of an opera house auditorium, focusing on the intricate architectural details, luxurious seating, and the imposing stage.)

Penthouse Suite

Penthouse suites atop high-rise buildings offer luxurious decor and expansive views through floor-to-ceiling windows. The high-end furnishings and panoramic views of the city skyline provide a backdrop of sophistication and exclusivity. This setting is perfect for glamorous and upscale photo shoots. (Show the interior of a penthouse suite with elegant decor and sweeping views of the city skyline from large windows, emphasizing luxury and exclusivity.)

Pet Store

Pet stores are lively and colorful, filled with a variety of animals and pet-related products. The vibrant displays of toys, accessories, and pets provide a playful and cheerful backdrop that captures the joy and companionship animals bring. (Visualize the interior of a pet store, focusing on the colorful displays of pet products and the variety of animals, enhancing the cheerful and lively atmosphere.)

Photography Studio

Photography studios are versatile spaces equipped with various backdrops, lighting setups, and photographic equipment. The controlled environment is perfect for creating a wide range of photographic styles and themes, offering a blank canvas that can be tailored to specific creative visions. (Show a well-equipped photography studio, highlighting the different backdrops, lighting equipment, and cameras set up for a professional photo shoot.)

Plant Shop/Nursery

Plant shops and nurseries are lush environments brimming with life and greenery, making them a fantastic backdrop for indoor photography. The variety of plants—from small succulents to large tropical leaves—provides a rich tapestry of textures and shades of green, creating a vibrant and refreshing setting. These spaces are often arranged with artistic flair, displaying plants in unique pots and decorative arrangements that enhance their natural beauty. The moisture in the air and the soft, diffused light filtering through the leaves create a serene and healthy atmosphere, perfect for evoking a sense of growth and tranquility. (Visualize the dense, green interior of a plant nursery, focusing on the diverse array of plants meticulously arranged on shelves and hanging from the ceiling, with rays of light gently filtering through the foliage, casting intricate shadows on the floor.)

Post Office

Post offices are functional spaces with distinctive features such as service counters, postal boxes, and sorting areas. The setting conveys themes of communication and community service, with a straightforward, utilitarian design. This backdrop is ideal for photos that capture everyday community interactions. (Capture the interior of a post office, focusing on the service counters, postal boxes, and the functional layout.)

Pottery Studio

Pottery studios are creative and messy spaces filled with clay, pottery wheels, and kilns. The tactile nature of pottery-making provides a hands-on backdrop that showcases creativity and craftsmanship. The shelves of unfinished and completed pieces add to the artistic, workshop-like atmosphere. (Visualize a pottery studio in action, focusing on a pottery wheel with clay pieces being shaped, surrounded by tools and shelves of pottery, highlighting the creative process.)

Racquetball Court

Racquetball courts offer a bright, enclosed space with clean lines and vibrant colors, typically marked by the stark contrast of the blue playing surfaces against white walls. The simplicity of the court’s design emphasizes speed and motion, making it perfect for dynamic sports photography. (Visualize the clean geometry of a racquetball court, focusing on the intense colors of the playing surface with the ball in motion, capturing the energy and precision of the sport.)

Record Store

Record stores are a haven for music lovers, filled with rows of vinyl records and vintage album covers. The nostalgic atmosphere, combined with the visual appeal of racks packed with diverse album artwork, creates a vibrant backdrop that celebrates the history and culture of music. (Show an aisle in a record store, focusing on the rows of vinyl records, with detailed album artwork visible, evoking a sense of musical discovery and vintage charm.)


Resorts offer a luxurious and expansive indoor environment, featuring elegantly designed lobbies, dining areas, and often expansive conference halls. These indoor spaces are crafted for relaxation and indulgence, with sophisticated decor and upscale amenities that provide a picturesque backdrop for photography. The careful arrangement of furniture, artful design elements, and the ambient lighting of these areas create an atmosphere of refined comfort and style. (Visualize the grand interior of a resort, focusing on the luxurious design of a lobby or lounge area, showcasing plush seating, ornate decorations, and an overall sense of upscale hospitality.)


Restaurants offer a rich setting with their unique decor, ambient lighting, and thoughtfully arranged dining areas. Whether upscale or casual, the environment is always inviting, making it ideal for capturing moments of culinary delight and social interaction. (Visualize the interior of a beautifully designed restaurant, focusing on the arrangement of tables, ambient lighting, and the overall inviting atmosphere.)

Retail Space

Retail spaces are dynamic and visually appealing, designed to showcase products and encourage shopping. The layout, lighting, and decor are tailored to create an engaging consumer experience, making these spaces ideal for capturing the interplay of commerce and design. (Show a modern retail space, highlighting the sleek design and arrangement of products, with attention to how the space directs consumer flow and interaction.)

Rooftop Venue

Rooftop venues, while typically celebrated for their outdoor vistas, also boast striking indoor areas that often include stylish bars, lounge areas, and glass-enclosed spaces that allow for year-round use. These indoor sections blend the comfort of an enclosed space with the allure of sweeping city views through floor-to-ceiling windows. The design of these spaces is usually modern and elegant, making them ideal for upscale events and photo shoots that require a backdrop of urban sophistication. (Visualize the chic interior of a rooftop venue, focusing on the sophisticated decor and panoramic windows that frame the cityscape, maintaining an intimate yet impressive setting indoors.)

Roller Rink

Roller rinks are vibrant and retro, filled with colorful lights and glossy floors. The lively atmosphere is perfect for capturing movement and the fun of skating, with the rink’s design emphasizing the joy and community of the sport. (Show the colorful, illuminated floor of a roller rink, focusing on the vibrant patterns and reflections that create a dynamic and playful environment.)


Salons and spas are centers of beauty and relaxation, featuring stylish interiors and a calm, soothing ambiance. The elegant decor and serene setting are ideal for photos that capture luxury and personal care. (Visualize the tranquil interior of a spa, focusing on the elegant treatment areas with soft lighting and refined decor that enhance the sense of luxury and relaxation.)


Speakeasies are all about mystery and exclusivity, often hidden behind unmarked doors with interiors that transport you to another era. The dim lighting, vintage furnishings, and classic cocktails create an ambiance that’s both intimate and intriguing. (Capture the secretive and moody atmosphere of a speakeasy, focusing on the vintage bar area and the ambient, low-light setting that evokes the 1920s prohibition era.)

Tea Room

Tea rooms are quaint and elegant, offering a refined setting for enjoying tea & light snacks. The decor often includes floral patterns, fine china, and delicate furnishings, providing a backdrop that exudes charm and grace. (Visualize a traditional tea room, focusing on the delicate table setting with fine china and floral arrangements, capturing the elegance and serenity of the tea-drinking experience.)


Theatres are grand spaces dedicated to the performing arts, often featuring rich decorations, plush seating, and dramatic stage settings. The architectural beauty and historical elements, such as ornate balconies and grand foyers, create an atmosphere of drama and cultural richness. This setting is perfect for capturing the elegance of performance art and the intricate details that highlight the heritage of the theatrical venue. (Visualize the grandeur of a theatre’s auditorium, focusing on the ornate details from the ceiling to the plush red velvet seats, with the stage set for a dramatic performance, capturing the essence of theatrical storytelling.)

Thrift Store

Thrift stores are eclectic spaces filled with a variety of items from different eras, offering a backdrop of unpredictability and charm. The diversity of merchandise—from vintage clothing to retro home decor—creates a visually interesting setting that tells stories of past times. These stores can provide a colorful and textured backdrop that is ideal for photos that convey a sense of history and sustainable fashion. (Show the colorful and cluttered aisles of a thrift store, focusing on the variety of unique items on display, from clothing racks to shelves filled with knick-knacks, capturing the vibrant and diverse atmosphere.)

Toy Store

Toy stores are magical places filled with bright colors and a wide array of toys that ignite the imagination. The shelves packed with games, dolls, and action figures offer a playful and vibrant backdrop, ideal for capturing the joy and excitement associated with childhood. The dynamic and cheerful environment makes it a perfect setting for lively and whimsical photo shoots. (Visualize a toy store brimming with colorful shelves and displays, focusing on the diverse range of toys from floor to ceiling, capturing the wonder and variety that engage children and adults alike.)

Train Station

Train stations are hubs of activity and movement, featuring architectural beauty and historical significance. The bustling platforms and grand terminals with their high ceilings and long corridors provide a backdrop that captures the essence of travel and the passage of time. This setting is perfect for creating dynamic images that convey stories of journeys and reunions. (Capture the expansive view of a train station terminal, focusing on the architectural details and the busy crowd moving across the wide-open space, emphasizing the grand scale and continuous motion.)

TV/Radio Station

TV and radio stations are exciting behind-the-scenes environments where news and entertainment are produced. These spaces, filled with broadcasting equipment and studio setups, offer a glimpse into the world of media production. The studios, with their cameras, lights, and action, provide a dynamic backdrop for photos that capture the fast-paced and innovative nature of broadcasting. (Show the inside of a broadcast studio, focusing on the high-tech equipment and the studio layout, capturing the essence of live television or radio production.)

University Lecture Hall

University lecture halls are spaces of learning and academic discussion, featuring rows of seats facing a large lecture podium or stage. The formal arrangement and academic atmosphere make it an ideal setting for photos that convey the pursuit of knowledge and the exchange of ideas. The architectural design, often with wood paneling and chalkboards, adds to the scholarly feel. (Visualize a traditional university lecture hall, focusing on the tiered seating and the lecturer’s podium, capturing the structured and intellectual environment.)

Urban Loft

Urban lofts are modern and stylish, characterized by open spaces, high ceilings, and industrial elements such as exposed brick and large windows. The contemporary design and minimalistic decor provide a backdrop that is both trendy and versatile, suitable for a range of photographic styles from edgy fashion shoots to casual lifestyle sessions. (Capture the spacious and airy feel of an urban loft, highlighting the blend of modern design with industrial elements, focusing on the large windows that flood the space with natural light.)


VRBO and Airbnb properties range from cozy apartments to luxurious homes, each with its own unique charm and style. These spaces are decorated to feel welcoming and homey, providing a personal touch that makes them ideal for lifestyle and travel photography. The variety of locations also offers diverse backdrops, from urban apartments to beachfront villas. (Show the interior of a stylishly decorated Airbnb, focusing on the living space that is designed to offer comfort and style, capturing the homely yet elegant decor.)

Visitor Center

Visitor centers are informative hubs located in places of interest such as parks, historical sites, or community centers. They often feature exhibits about the local area or attraction, with maps, photos, and artifacts that provide a cultural and educational backdrop. This setting is ideal for photos that aim to capture the essence of a location and its significance. (Capture the inside of a visitor center, focusing on the informational displays and the layout that guides visitors through the history or features of the area, emphasizing the educational and welcoming atmosphere.)

Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are spaces dedicated to celebrations and are often beautifully decorated to reflect the elegance and joy of the occasion. These locations can range from grand ballrooms and lush gardens to quaint chapels and beachfront settings, each offering a unique and romantic backdrop. The attention to detail in the decor, from floral arrangements to lighting, creates a setting that is not only picturesque but also deeply personal and emotive. (Visualize a beautifully decorated wedding venue, focusing on the elegant setup with flower arches, beautifully arranged tables, and the overall romantic ambiance, capturing the setting just before guests begin to arrive.)


Wineries, while often noted for their sprawling vineyards, also boast exquisite indoor spaces such as cellars and tasting rooms that exude tradition and craftsmanship. These interiors are often characterized by the rustic charm of wooden wine barrels, elegant seating areas, and beautifully crafted bars that make them ideal for luxurious and atmospheric photography. The combination of wood, stone, and dim lighting in these areas emphasizes the winemaking heritage and provides a rich, intimate setting for photos that capture the sophistication and essence of wine culture. (Visualize the interior of a winery’s cellar or tasting room, focusing on the arrangement of oak barrels, ambient lighting, and architectural details that highlight the traditional winemaking process and the ambiance of refined taste.)

Workshop Space

Workshop spaces are areas of creativity and production, whether they’re used for woodworking, metalworking, or any other craft. These spaces are often filled with tools, materials, and works in progress, showcasing the hands-on process of creation. The raw and somewhat industrial setting provides a backdrop that conveys craftsmanship and the beauty of the handmade. (Visualize a busy workshop space, focusing on a workbench littered with tools and materials, with ongoing projects that highlight the creative and industrious atmosphere.)

Yoga Studio

Yoga studios are serene and minimalist, designed to foster peace and mindfulness. These spaces often feature simple decor, natural elements, and soothing colors to create a tranquil environment. The open floor space, often accompanied by mirrors and soft mats, provides a backdrop that emphasizes calm, balance, and well-being. (Capture the calm and clean interior of a yoga studio, focusing on the harmonious arrangement of yoga mats, the soft natural lighting, and elements like plants or simple decorations that enhance the peaceful atmosphere.)

Your Church or Place of Worship
A place of worship often features stunning architectural details like stained glass windows and grand altars, providing a serene and majestic backdrop for your portraits. It’s perfect for couples whose faith plays a significant role in their relationship.

  1. Your Wedding Venue
    If you’re planning an engagement session, bridal session, or even a family portrait session and looking for an indoor location idea, check out your wedding venue! They may have a special deal for weekday portrait sessions when the space isn’t being used, and maybe even offer a special deal to you since you’re already a client of theirs.

  2. Your Church/ Place of Worship
    If religion plays a key part in your relationships, consider your place of worship as an indoor backup location idea for your portrait session.

  3. Your Home
    Look no further than the comforts of your own home! If you go this route, communicate with your photographer ahead of time to discuss the best practices in getting your home photo ready!

  4. A Friend’s Home
    For whatever reason, if your own home isn’t an option, ask around to friends and family members for an alternative indoor location.
  5. Your Community Clubhouse/ Leasing Office/ Business Center
    If you live in a community that offers a clubhouse to residents, consider this as a location for an indoor backup plan for your portrait session. Always check with the clubhouse rules ahead of time for their photography policies. (Would you be required to rent the space, is flash photography permitted, etc)

  6. Your Place of Work
    Depending on how photogenic your place of work is, you might have the perfect hook up to have your portrait session at a unique location most wouldn’t have the opportunity to have.
  7. The Gym!
    The gym makes a great idea for a fitness themed portrait session. If health plays a key role in your relationships or family life, this could be the perfect option for you. Just make sure to check with your gym establishment ahead of time for their rules and photography policies.
  8. Hotel Lobby
    Fancy hotels have fancy lobby areas & shared communal spaces. Often times they are also decorated for the holidays and can be a perfect idea for an indoor portrait session idea. If considering booking a portrait session at a hotel, be sure to check with the hotel staff what their photo policies are ahead of time and if you’re required to pay a fee to utilize their spaces. It’s also important to ask about their rules in booking a portrait session there. They might also have great recommendations for the best times of day where the hotel communal areas are the least crowded.

    The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North in Atlanta, GA
  9. Hostel
    Depending where you live, hostels could be plenty.
  10. Resort
    If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with beautiful resorts, this could be a perfect option for an indoor portrait session location idea. Be sure to check with them in advance to ask about fees, permits, and rules required to photograph within their facilities.
  11. Airbnb
    There are so many kinds of airbnb’s and vrbo’s and other rental spaces to choose from. The WORLD is your oyster! Be sure to contact the property/ home owner in advance to inquire about their photo policies. Some may even offer a discount for a partial day rental if they know you won’t be spending the night in the space.

    The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North in Atlanta, GA hotel window
  12. Your College Campus/ Educational Institution
    If you are currently in school, or have friends in school, or have friends who teach at school, this could be the perfect option depending on their decor style! Every education institution is different, so be sure to ask ahead of time about their photo policies.

  13. Coffee shop
    Coffee shops make a great indoor location idea for a cold winter day! Be sure to contact the establishment ahead of time to inquire about their photo policies and least crowded times of day. Sometimes you might also inquire about having your portrait session before or after operating hours if you really like the space.

  14. Favorite Restaurant
    For an engagement session location idea, a favorite restaurant could be just the place for a perfect indoor venue. Not only would you have the ability to eat at your favorite dining spot together, but you’d also have a chance to create photos that have an additional sentimental value to them. Be sure to call ahead of time to inquire about their photography policies, and recommended best times of day to avoid crowds.

  15. Go-to Bar/ Gastropub
    Similar to the restaurant idea, your preferred bar or gastropub makes for a great indoor location with plenty of personality and sentimental value. It’s best to call ahead of time to inquire about their photo policies and find the best times/ days to go when it’s least crowded. It may also be worth it to ask if it would be available for your session before or after hours.

  16. Winery
    We LOVE the idea of a beautiful winery/ vineyard for your portrait session! Not every winery/ vineyard will have a great indoor space available for a portrait session, so it’s worth it to visit them ahead of time to find the best one. When asking for permission, don’t forget to ask about the least crowded times of day and days of the week for your portrait session as well as what their photo policies might be like.
  17. Brewery
    If you love a good beer, consider having your engagement session at a brewery! Similar to wineries/ vineyards, not every brewery has a great indoor space for photos – so definitely check them out ahead of time. Always inquire about their photo policies, and best times of day/ days of the week to schedule your session (usually when it’s the least crowded)
  18. Cidery
    Right along up there with breweries and wineries, consider a cidery! If you don’t love wine or beer, a cidery could be the perfect spot for your indoor portrait session. Always check out the location in advance to see if it would be a suitable location for pictures. When inquiring with your cidery of choice, be sure to ask for their photo policies, and recommended best times of day and days of the week when it might be the least crowded.
  19. Meadery
    Relatively new to our list, and our local area – A meadery makes for a super cool photo session location!  Always be sure to check with them ahead of time on their photo policies.
  20. Favorite Bookstore
    We love the idea of a novelty bookstore! If you’re a bookworm, love books, or education in general, consider local bookstores in your area. Always ask for their photography policies in advance.
  21. Indoor Shopping Mall
    An indoor shopping mall has so much variety and diversity in terms of background ideas to choose from! Many shopping malls will also have various holiday displays & indoor courtyard options. It’s super important to check with the property management team ahead of time for their photo policies. Also note – every business located within the shopping mall may have their own policies regarding photography. If there are particular businesses you know you’d like to photograph in, it’s worth it to contact them directly (independently of the shopping mall property management team).
  22. Department Store
    A department store may have a similar feel to certain parts of an indoor shopping mall, but instead of checking with multiple businesses for their photo policies, you’d only be checking with one! A department store is also likely to have various holiday displays and textured walls (depending on the department store you’re considering).
  23. Nearby Museum/ Planetarium
    A Museum is such a FUN option. Every museum will photograph completely differently depending on the nature of the museum. Always be sure to contact the museum ahead of time for their photography policies. Some may charge a permit to schedule a photo session on their premises, and some may only charge an entry fee. When asking about photo policies, also make sure to review what type of lighting may or may not be brought into the museum. Some may have a strict no flash policy, or not allow separate light stands.
  24. Art Gallery
    Similar to a museum, an art gallery can make for a super cool indoor photo session location idea. While some museums may have two dimensional displays, some museums may also have three dimensional art installations or fully immersive exhibits! As always, inquire with the art gallery ahead of time on their photography policies.
  25. Concert hall
  26. Local Theatre/ Movie Theater
  27. City hall/ town hall
  28. Courthouse
  29. Civic Center/ Community Center
  30. Train station
  31. Library
  32. Book store
  33. Bowling Alley
  34. Sporting Arena/ Stadium
  35. A Greenhouse
  36. Aquarium
  37. Indoor Zoo
  38. Night Club/ Lounge
  39. Bakery/ Deli
  40. Consignment shop
  41. Record Store
  42. Antique Shop
  43. Video Game Arcade
  44. Co-working Space
  45. Historical Building
  46. Airport
  47. Billiards Hall
  48. Barn
  49. Gazebo
  50. Grocery Store
  51. Beauty Spa
  52. Fire Department
  53. Post Office
  54. Bed & Breakfast
  55. Flea Market
  56. Comedy Club
  57. Gun range
  58. Magic Shop
  59. Thrift Store
  60. Toy Store
  61. Pet Store
  62. Indoor Farmers Market
  63. Ice Cream Shop
  64. Casino
  65. Country Club
  66. Haunted House
  67. Indoor race track
  68. Boat/ Ship
  69. Escape Room
  70. Indoor put-put
  71. Indoor rock climbing
  72. Skating Rink
  73. Indoor Skate Park
  74. Indoor swimming pool
  75. Indoor Trampoline Park
  76. Bank
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Where can I shoot indoors for my engagement session?

If you’re asking yourself “where can I shoot indoors for my engagement session?!” to tell you the truth, there are a plethora of options available to you.  The sky is the limit! Hotels, airbnb locations, museums, concert halls, college campuses, city hall buildings, theatres, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, your place of work, your home, your friend’s home, apartment complex office/ business center, etc.  Virtually any establishment is an option to consider when you’re asking yourself – “Where are the pretty indoor places to take pictures near me?”


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Narrowing down an indoor photoshoot location

With there being so many options available to you, consider the type of photo shoot you’re envisioning and what type of a venue it might call for.  Are you looking for big, grandiose architecture?  Are you looking for something more cozy and intimate?

What type of venues do you have a personal or emotional connection with?  If you’re getting married soon and you have a hotel block booked out, you have a personal connection with that hotel.  If you’re getting married at a venue that has an awesome interior, consider asking your wedding venue if you can shoot there during the week when they’re not busy.  Do you and your fiance have a common date night spot or do you frequent a certain bar or restaurant often?  If so, you have a connection with these venues!

Aquarium Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photography

Asking for permission

If you have a connection with a venue, GREAT!  Asking for permission to shoot there should be fairly easy if you already have a point of contact.  If you are calling a venue that you don’t already have a connection with, no worries!  Simply to ask to speak with the manager in charge and ask about their photography policies and if there are any admission or photography fees to shoot at their venue.  While some establishments will not charge you a fee to shoot there as long as you are a paying client (ie: buying coffee at a coffee shop, renting a hotel room at a hotel, buying admission tickets at a museum, etc), there are some establishment that will charge a photography fee regardless if you are a patron or not.  It’s best to contact these venues in advance to ensure enough time to reach the appropriate people in charge.


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The Best Indoor photoshoot location ideas

In conclusion, the best indoor photoshoot location ideas are the ones YOU LOVE.  We always find it be extra special to our couples when they select a venue that has meaning to them.  With the ideas written above, brainstorm away!  Your session is going to ROCK.  If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can see some of our previous indoor engagement sessions here.