Atlanta Engagement Photos Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Atlanta Engagement Photos Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Atlanta Engagement Photos Atlanta Wedding Photographers


Had a blast with Samantha & John this week at Lenox park shooting some Atlanta engagement photos!  If Atlanta wedding photographers are trying to find some new parks to shoot in, Lenox park was a nice location!  We ran around the ponds, grassy green fields, and there was even a PHONE booth (with no phone).  Below is a quick highlight from the session with more images soon to come!




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Rainy Day Engagement Photos at a Park in Atlanta, GA

Rainy Day Engagement Photos at a Park in Atlanta, GA

Rainy Day Engagement Photos at a Park in Atlanta, GA


Despite crazy Georgia weather, Shannon & Alex braved the rainy storms to take their Piedmont Park Engagement Photos.  That’s our type of client!  As Atlanta wedding photographers, we LOVE working with adventurous couples that are down to shoot regardless of wind, rain, tornados, (jk!).  We could not have asked for better clients to work with.  Below are a couple of highlights from Shannon & Alex’s engagement session as well as a quick interview with the bride and groom to be.




Was it love at first sight?

How did the two of you meet?
We met at Dixon Hughes Goodman, our work. Shannon was Alex’s supervisor. She was instructed in her semi-annual review meeting to forge a strong relationship with an associate. Being the overachiever that she is, she succeeded… and some.

What was the first thing you remember about that moment?
Alex was thinking “Man, I hope I don’t screw up these basis calculations.” Shannon was thinking “Can I forge a strong relationship with this associate?”




What attracted you most to one another?
Shannon loved Alex’s sense of humor and bulging biceps. Alex always felt very at ease with Shannon. She was also the most thoughtful person he had ever met.

What made this person different from anyone else you’d encountered?
For Alex, it was the instant friendship. You would have thought that we had been friends for years. Shannon felt that Alex was very easy to talk to and open up to. Alex was very intrigued by Shannon, so he acted like she was the coolest thing ever.




Where was your first date, and how long did it take you to get ready?
Our first date was supposed to be the Nickel Creek concert. However, after an hour of waiting for tickets, we decided to ditch the concert and go for the classic dinner and a movie. We went to Copeland’s Cheesecake Factory and saw The Other Woman in theatres. It took Alex not long to get ready because it was after work. It took Shannon 28 years…

Who was the first person you told about your fiancé after your first date?
Alex told all of his co-workers… just kidding. We both told our moms.


piedmont-park-engagement-photos-atlanta-wedding-photographers-0012 Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photography Style


Who said “I love you” first?
Technically it was Shannon, but Alex very romantically said, “I think I love you” first.

How did you feel the first time these words were said?
We could both feel the love that existed so we both could tell the words were coming soon. We were both very excited, though. We both felt very comfortable and happy.


piedmont-park-engagement-photos-atlanta-wedding-photographers-0015 piedmont-park-engagement-photos-atlanta-wedding-photographers-0018


When did you each know that the other was the one?
For Shannon, it was the second date when Alex met Shannon’s ferocious dogs, who for some reason were instantly comfortable around him. For Alex, it was on our third date when we went to see The Amazing Spiderman and Shannon met Alex’s best friend.

How did you feel after you had that “this is it” moment?
Both us were scared.


piedmont-park-engagement-photos-atlanta-wedding-photographers-0019 piedmont-park-engagement-photos-atlanta-wedding-photographers-0021 piedmont-park-engagement-photos-atlanta-wedding-photographers-0025


Were you nervous about one another meeting your family?

Who does your partner remind you most of?
I don’t think either of us remind us of anyone.

What’s the one thing about one another you couldn’t live without?
For Alex, the hug that he gets everyday when he gets home from work. For Shannon, the exact same thing 🙂


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Baseball Themed Piedmont Park Engagement Photos

Engagement photos done at Piedmont Park are particularly beautiful when photographed during sunset.  Every Atlanta wedding photographer can agree sunrise & sunset are perhaps the most magical times of day to shoot.  These two are avid Atlanta Braves fans.  They did an excellent job incorporating their love of baseball into their engagement session.  Piedmont Park, based in Atlanta, Georgia was an excellent location choice for their engagement photos.

Piedmont Park Engagement Photos | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Piedmont Park Engagement Pictures

Piedmont Park Engagement Pictures

Piedmont Park Engagement Pictures

I had the honor of photographing these engagement pictures at Piedmont Park in Atlanta just a couple weeks ago!  The weather in mid January was actually pretty awesome.  Go figure, we live in Georgia!  Haha. I can’t describe how wonderful it is to see a friend find that special someone that he lights up when speaking about – someone he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  They have a fun filled spring wedding planned in May in which I have the honor of photographing as well.  Can’t wait!

Atlanta Engagement Photographers

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