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Photographers Near Me: Your Guide to the Best Local Talent


Choosing the right photographer isn’t just about capturing a moment; it’s about creating an everlasting memory. The right lens can turn fleeting seconds into a timeless treasure.

This guide aims to arm you with the insights to choose the best local photographers to manifest your vision into lasting keepsakes.

Why Local Matters

Why should “photographers near me” be your go-to search query? The answer is simple: familiarity and accessibility. A local photographer doesn’t just know the area; they understand the ambiance, the lighting, and the seasonality of local venues and landscapes. This understanding allows them to craft a luxurious, high-end photo session tailored specifically for you. Their proximity also makes planning and scheduling your exclusive session significantly easier.

Summer Engagement Photos Light and Airy
Captured at Vines Botanical Gardens on 14 May, 2020 by Jaimie Dee Photography (JaimieDee.Com)

Factors to Consider When Searching “Photographers Near Me”

Portfolio Quality

The essence of a photographer’s skill is vividly displayed in their portfolio. Pay close attention to the nuances—the lighting, the angles, the emotions captured. You’re not just hiring someone to take pictures; you’re commissioning an artist to paint your memories on a digital canvas.

Outdoor Fall Engagement Photo Ideas - Bridge at Westside Provisions District
Captured at Westside Provisions District on 08 Oct, 2020 by Jaimie Dee Photography (https://JaimieDee.Com)


Photographers often have a specific focus—be it weddings, family portraits, or commercial photography. Ensure that their specialty aligns with your needs. This is especially crucial when seeking an elevated, distinct experience that commands higher investment.

Summer Engagement Photos - Indoors in a church

Reviews and Recommendations

When it comes to high-end photography, you want assurance that you’re receiving unparalleled quality. Word-of-mouth and customer reviews can serve as invaluable indicators of what you can expect. You can find our reviews here.

Piedmont Park Greystone Wedding Venue - LGB, LGBT, LGBTQ


When you search for “photographers near me,” you’ll encounter various pricing options. However, it’s crucial to remember that in the realm of photography, value is often reflected in the investment you’re willing to make. Our services are positioned at a premium tier, designed to guarantee an unparalleled, high-end photo session that exceeds your loftiest expectations.

Captured in downtown Marietta Square on February 4th 2021 by Jaimie Dee Photography (https://JaimieDee.Com)


A sought-after photographer may book out months, or even years, in advance. Ensure your timelines align, especially if you are planning a milestone event that can’t be rescheduled.

Summer Engagement Photos at Montaluce

Questions to Ask Potential Photographers

Before making your final selection, consider asking the following questions:

  • How long have you been in the photography business?
  • Do you have backup equipment and contingency plans for unforeseen events?
  • What is the turnaround time for receiving the final edited images?
  • How do you handle unfavorable weather conditions for outdoor photo sessions?
  • Can you provide references from clients who had similar needs? (Check out our reviews here!)
  • Can you walk me through your post-production process? (You can read about our process here!)
  • Do you offer photo albums or other keepsakes as part of your package?

Piedmont Park Weddings - lgbtq with Atlanta city skyline

Making the Final Decision

Several factors should play into your decision: the quality of the portfolio, the compatibility of specializations, the photographer’s personality, and of course, their ability to meet your expectations in terms of pricing and availability.


In summary, choosing a local photographer offers not just convenience but a depth of expertise and local knowledge that can’t be easily replicated. Your search query for “photographers near me” is the first step in a journey that ends with beautiful, everlasting memories. We wish you all the best in finding the local photographer who can meet your exacting standards and high expectations.

If you’re interested in inquiring with us, contact us today!

Atlanta Photographer: Capture Love, Create Memories


Welcome to the home of premier photography services in Atlanta. Whether you’re celebrating a new addition to the family, capturing the spark of an engagement, or documenting the solemnity and joy of a courthouse wedding, as your Atlanta photographer, we offer a luxurious and memorable photography experience.

Why Choose Us?

At Jaimie Dee Photography, we believe that each milestone in life is a work of art waiting to be captured. Here’s why we are the preferred choice for discerning clients:

  • Expertise as an Atlanta photographer in various types of photography
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Personalized service
  • Years of experience in the Atlanta area

Family Portraits

The Importance of Family Portraits

Your trusted Atlanta photographer knows that family portraits are more than just photographs; they are heirlooms that will be cherished for generations. We take the time to get to know your family, ensuring that each portrait captures your unique dynamics.


What We Offer

  • Studio and on-location shoots
  • Flexible scheduling and quick turnaround times
  • A variety of packages to suit your needs

Learn more about our Family Photography Services here.


Engagement Photography

Why Engagement Photography?

Engagement photos capture the promise of a life together. They serve not just as a romantic keepsake but also as a way to announce your upcoming wedding in style.

Fall Engagement Photos - North GA Vineyard

What Makes Our Service Unique

  • Expert advice from your Atlanta photographer on poses and attire
  • Locations that highlight Atlanta’s beauty & surrounding areas
  • A relaxed, enjoyable photo shoot experience

Learn more about our Engagement Session Services here.

Fall Engagement Photo Fun
Captured at Westside Provisions District on 08 Oct, 2020 by Jaimie Dee Photography (https://JaimieDee.Com)

Courthouse Weddings

Simplified Elegance

Courthouse weddings are an intimate and equally momentous occasion. We specialize in beautifully capturing the authentic moments of your relationship against the dignified backdrop of a courthouse setting.

Atlanta City Hall Wedding

What You Can Expect

  • Coverage of the ceremony by your Atlanta photographer
  • Wedding Portraits of the newly wed couple & attending guests
  • Exquisite photo editing for a polished finish

Learn more about our Courthouse/ Elopement Services here.

Learn more about our stand alone Wedding Portrait services here.


When it comes to capturing life’s milestones, settling for ordinary is not an option. At Jaimie Dee Photography, we offer the perfect blend of technical expertise and artistic vision to make your special moments truly unforgettable. Contact us today to book your luxurious Atlanta photography experience.

Mini Photo Sessions Near Me

Preserving Moments with Jaimie Dee Photography: Mini Sessions and Beyond

In a world overflowing with fleeting moments and rapid changes, there’s something incredibly profound about capturing a sliver of time, a memory, a fleeting emotion. This philosophy forms the backbone of Jaimie Dee Photography.

Origins and Evolution

Established in 2008, Jaimie Dee Photography, pioneered by the talented Jaimie Dee and her supportive husband, Kyle, has been more than just a studio—it’s been a dream brought to life. Beyond the obvious love for photography, it’s their undying passion for storytelling and capturing raw, unfiltered emotions that has kept them in the limelight for over a decade in the bustling Atlanta area.

A Partnership with White Wall Studio

While Jaimie Dee Photography has its own narrative, its collaboration with White Wall Studio in Woodstock, GA, brings another layer to its offerings. The stark and artistic design of White Wall Studio, characterized by its pristine white walls, offers a canvas that gives life to Jaimie and her team’s creativity. Each photograph shot here is a testament to the studio’s ability to transform simplicity into sophistication.

Team Dynamics: More than Just Photographers

The secret sauce behind Jaimie Dee Photography isn’t just its leading duo but a well-knit team of associates. These aren’t just photographers; they’re storytellers trained meticulously under Jaimie’s tutelage. Each member brings their unique touch to the sessions, ensuring diverse perspectives and styles.

Embracing Technology and Tradition

Harnessing the power of the latest mirrorless technology, the studio ensures crisp, high-definition captures. But it’s their profound understanding of lighting—both natural and artificial—that truly elevates each shot. In every frame, the blend of modern tech with timeless techniques is evident.

Empowering Clients: A Collaborative Experience

One of the hallmarks of Jaimie Dee Photography is the emphasis on client collaboration. From detailed preparatory guides on attire and expectations to in-studio guidance on poses and expressions, the studio ensures clients are an integral part of the creative process. This approach not only eases apprehensions but also makes the session an enriching experience.

The Allure of Mini Sessions

Time is of the essence in our modern world, and mini sessions cater precisely to this sentiment. Offering a snapshot of the full-session experience, these short, intense shoots are perfect for today’s busy individuals and families. Beyond the efficiency and economy they offer, mini sessions are a whirlwind of emotions, expressions, and stories—all captured in quick succession.

Deep Dive into the Experience

Every session with Jaimie Dee Photography is a journey. The pre-session phase involves understanding client preferences, sharing guides, and setting expectations. The in-studio experience, especially at White Wall Studio, is immersive. Post-session, a curated collection of images awaits clients, each telling a distinct story.

Demystifying Mini Sessions: FAQs

To ensure clarity and enhance client comfort, Jaimie Dee Photography offers a comprehensive FAQ section. Whether you’re curious about props, outfits, or the intricacies of the booking process, every detail is addressed.

In conclusion, Jaimie Dee Photography’s mini sessions at White Wall Studio are not just about photographs—they are about experiences, narratives, and emotions. They are about capturing moments that, years down the line, can transport you back in time. Each session is a promise of professionalism, creativity, and memories that will stand the test of time.

Choosing the Best Fake Diamond Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most significant milestones in any romantic relationship is the exchange of engagement rings. These cherished items are both a symbol of love and a commitment to a shared future. Unfortunately, these rings can also be quite expensive and, in some cases, irreplaceable, leading many people to seek out alternatives for occasions when wearing the real thing might not be practical. Enter the world of fake diamond rings, a realm where beauty, affordability, and practicality coalesce. As an established photography studio with over a decade’s experience capturing precious moments and dazzling jewels, we’re here to guide you in selecting the best fake diamond ring for your needs.

Understanding Fake Diamond Rings

Fake diamonds, or diamond simulants, are designed to mimic the look of real diamonds. Contrary to synthetic diamonds, which share the same chemical composition as natural diamonds, fake diamonds possess different chemical compositions. They are also known as simulated diamonds, imitation diamonds, and faux diamonds. People often opt for them to circumvent the high cost of real diamonds, use as temporary engagement rings, or as safe, beautiful alternatives to real diamonds when traveling.

There are several types of fake diamonds: cubic zirconia, moissanite, rhinestone, crystal, and white sapphire. Among these, cubic zirconia, moissanite, and white sapphire stand out as the top choices for those seeking a balance of affordability and realism. The decision ultimately depends on your preferences and budget.

Cubic Zirconia offers a close visual resemblance to real diamonds at a fraction of the cost. However, it’s not as hard as other diamond simulants, meaning it may scratch more easily, leading to a loss of brilliance over time.

Moissanite, while more expensive than cubic zirconia, is still much cheaper than real diamonds. It is renowned for its hardness, making it ideal for everyday wear. Some people, however, find its extra sparkle—courtesy of its higher refractive index—too flashy, detracting from its diamond-like quality.

White Sapphire, a natural stone that is less expensive than diamonds, offers a similar aesthetic to real diamonds. Its hardness makes it suitable for daily wear, but it lacks the brilliance and fire of real diamonds, and often presents a cloudier white hue.

Why Opt for a Travel Engagement Ring?

Travel engagement rings—often fake diamond rings—provide a practical solution for those worried about losing their precious real engagement ring while on vacation. Not only do these rings look genuine at first glance, but they also offer peace of mind. In fact, they are such a great substitute that even single women have been known to wear them as a safety precaution while traveling.

Despite what you may think, your travel engagement ring does not have to mirror your real ring. Feel free to experiment with different styles according to your personal preference and the nature of your travel.

Best Places to Buy Fake Diamond Rings

Given the rising popularity of fake diamond rings, there are numerous places where you can purchase one. However, one of the most accessible and reliable platforms is Amazon. Here, you can find a wide array of beautiful, high-quality fake diamond rings, catering to different budgets and tastes. Here is a link to their fake diamond ring selection.

Amazon Fake Engagement Ring Options

Amazon offers a variety of fake diamond rings, with cubic zirconia and moissanite rings being the most popular. The Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring and the 14K White Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring are among the highest-rated options.

Caring for Your Fake Diamond Ring

Even though your fake diamond ring may not carry the hefty price tag of a real diamond, it still deserves proper care. Regular cleaning with mild soapy water and a soft brush will keep it sparkling. For cubic zirconia rings, it’s advisable to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals that might damage the stone’s surface.

Making the Final Decision

So, which is the best fake diamond ring for you? The answer lies in your individual preferences, lifestyle, and budget. If you’re looking for a ring that looks like a diamond, then cubic zirconia is your best bet. But if you value hardness and durability, then moissanite is the way to go. If you’re looking for a natural stone that is cheaper than a diamond but still offers a similar look, consider white sapphire.

Why and How to Purchase the Best Fake Diamond Ring

The beauty of purchasing a fake diamond ring is the perfect balance it offers between cost and style. They provide an excellent opportunity to wear a stunning piece of jewelry that bears a striking resemblance to a genuine diamond ring without breaking the bank. And, as a practical solution, they offer the peace of mind necessary when traveling, when wearing your valuable ring might be too risky.

When you’re ready to purchase a fake diamond ring, look for reputable online retailers like Amazon, who offer a wide selection of affordable, high-quality options. Evaluate the ring based on the type of stone, the quality of the setting, and the reviews of others who have purchased the same product.

Remember, whether it’s a cubic zirconia ring or a moissanite masterpiece, your fake diamond ring can be just as beautiful, symbolic, and meaningful as the real thing. So go ahead, find that perfect ring, and wear it with pride. It’s your symbol of love, after all.

What to Wear to Your Mini Session

At our mini sessions, we want you to look and feel your best! Here are some tips to help you put together the perfect outfit(s) for your session:

Coordinate, But Don’t Match

For a stylized mini session with multiple people, aim for coordinated outfits rather than matching. Avoid everyone wearing identical outfits. Choose complementary colors and styles that showcase your unique personalities. However, if you’re booking a mini session on your own for a portrait or headshot session, this tip will not apply to you.

Choose Colors and Create Layers

Select 2-4 colors to guide your outfit choices. With fewer colors, it’s easier to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look for everyone involved in the session. On the other hand, coordinating outfits with a larger range of colors can be more challenging and may require careful consideration to ensure a harmonious overall appearance. Consider your seasonal color analysis to find your most flattering colors. This can provide guidance on which colors enhance your natural features and make you shine in your photos.

Consider Professional Hair & Makeup

Investing in professional hair and makeup services can enhance your confidence and ensure you look your absolute best in the photos. Our experienced team can recommend talented professionals who specialize in creating stunning looks tailored to your preferences and the session’s requirements.

Bring Touch-Up Essentials

Pack a small bag with any essential you may need such as a mirror, makeup, hair spray, comb or hairbrush, hair ties, and bobby pins for quick touch-ups during the session. These items may come in handy for any necessary adjustments or freshening up.


Add a personal touch and elevate your outfit with carefully chosen accessories. Consider jewelry, hats, scarves, sunglasses, glasses, and watches that reflect your style and enhance your overall look. Opt for accessories that complement your outfit without overpowering it or drawing attention away from your face.

Dress for the Occasion

Consider the theme or purpose of the mini session when planning your outfit. If it’s a family session, opt for outfits that convey a sense of togetherness and unity. If it’s a corporate headshot session, choose attire that aligns with your professional brand and industry.

Avoid Trendy Fads

Opt for timeless, classic looks that will stand the test of time. Avoid overly trendy pieces that may quickly go out of style. Focus on selecting outfits that make you feel confident and represent your authentic self, rather than following fleeting fashion trends.

Dress for Your Body

When selecting your outfit for the mini session, it’s important to choose clothing that flatters your body type and highlights your best features. Consider the cuts, styles, and silhouettes that enhance your natural shape. By opting for clothing that is tailored to your body type, you can accentuate your curves, create a more balanced appearance, and highlight the areas you feel most confident about.

Avoid Loud Patterns and Graphics

When preparing for your mini session, it’s best to avoid wearing clothing with loud patterns or graphics that could divert attention away from your face and the main focus of the photos. Instead, opt for outfits with more subtle patterns or solid colors that complement your natural features and allow them to take center stage. By choosing attire that doesn’t overpower your appearance, you can ensure that your unique personality and expressions shine through in the photographs, creating captivating and impactful images.

Remember, the goal is to choose outfits that make you feel confident, comfortable, and reflect your personal style. If you have any specific questions or need further guidance, our team is here to help. (Check out the Mini Session FAQ’s if you haven’t already!)

We want to create a memorable and visually stunning mini session experience that truly captures your unique personality and style.