Uga Engagement Pictures | Atlanta Wedding Photography

Uga Engagement Pictures | Atlanta Wedding Photography

UGA Engagement pictures photographed by Atlanta wedding photography studio


Every Atlanta wedding photography studio longs to work with a couple as unique and fun as Brenna and Alex!  We had an amazing time photographing their Uga engagement pictures in Athens, GA.  Below are a couple of highlights from that session as well as a quick interview with the bride and groom to be.



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How did you meet your fiancé?  We met playing Quidditch on UGA Campus. We met the first day of practice of the season in a practice match. He played for Slytherin and I played for Hufflepuff. He’d play for our team if we didn’t have enough players, and we’d talk walking back to the hoops between points.


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Where was your first date? Alex planned our first date and it was a surprise for me until it started. We made a hot glue Queen Elsa crown and colored until dinner time at Cali ‘n Titos in Athens. He then proceeded to kick my butt 2 to 1 at bowling.

Who was the first person you told about your fiancé after your first date?  We both told our moms first.


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Who said “I love you” first? Alex – I did, because she wouldn’t come right out and say it first.

How did you feel the first time your fiancé told you he/she loved you?
Alex – butterflies!
Brenna – Warm and fuzzy all over. 🙂


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When did you know your fiancé was the one?
Alex -We were watching “Game of Thrones” and I knew I never felt as comfortable around anyone else in any situation.
Brenna – He told me his name in Spanish class in high school was Jesus because he thought it was funny that it sounded like you were saying “Hey, Zeus!” if you called him. I hadn’t ever heard a pun quite as clever. 🙂


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