Sweetwater Creek State Park Pictures | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Sweetwater Creek State Park Pictures | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

This duo were an incredibly fun couple to shoot with!  The moment they told us they wanted to photograph their engagement pictures at Sweetwater Creek State Park, we knew they were a couple who LOVES adventure.  As an Atlanta wedding photographer, this city girl put on her sneakers and hiked the trails to grab these amazing shots with this beautiful couple.

Below is a quick interview with the bride and groom to be!

How did the two of you meet?
At English School

What was the first thing you remember about that moment?
Talking about design and he was showing his projects on his laptop

What attracted you most to one another?
That we had graphic design in common

What made this person different from anyone else you’d encountered?
Creativity, nationality, desire to grow professionally, kindness, same taste in movies, music, design, etc.

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Where was your first date, and how long did it take you to get ready?
Bride: Movie theater. It took me nothing to get ready because I got back from work like 30 min before him picking me up.
Groom: Movies. I got ready in 30 minutes.

Who was the first person you told about your fiancé after your first date?
Bride: My sister
Groom: My friend Adriano


Who said “I love you” first?
He did!

How did you feel the first time these words were said?
Groom: Excited and nervous
Bride: Scared because I wasn’t ready yet.


When did you each know that the other was the one?
Groom: After the second date. We stayed awake the whole night working on her graphic project. I made her food and we talked all night about ourselves.
Bride: After he introduced me to his parents and saw the relationship with his family reminded me to my own and it was very nice.

How did you feel after you had that “this is it” moment?
Bride: Relieved because i knew that with him everything was going to be fine and that I didn’t need to look anywhere else.
Groom: accomplished and determined to conquer her heart

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Were you nervous about one another meeting your family?
Bride: No
Groom: Hell yeah


Who does your partner remind you most of?
Bride: My dad
Groom: my mom

What’s the one thing about one another you couldn’t live without?
The stupid things we do together (only we understand ourselves)


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