Top Tips for Your Premiere Night

Before your Ordering Premiere, we just wanted to share a couple of fun tips with you in amping up your experience!

To get the most from your Premiere, we recommend sharing this email with the family members you’d like to share the evening with.


  • Invite your Guests! Invite family members who are also interested in commissioning art pieces from your session. Whether we add them in virtually on Zoom, or they’re with you in person, it’ll help make the experience that much more special & memorable. If they’re attending via Zoom, they’ll need fast internet access, a working webcam & microphone, and access to Google Chrome. We highly recommend they’re also in a quiet room, free of distractions.
  • Set the stage! When viewing your images for the first time, we recommend broadcasting them to a large screen or television if you can. Your image broadcast will happen in Google Chrome. The first time you see your photos, the larger they are, the bigger of an impact they’ll have. Have your favorite music playlist ready! Dim the lights, silence your phones, & grab your bubbly, wine, scotch – or whatever you’d like to commemorate the occasion with! We’re celebrating the two of you! Don’t forget the popcorn. 😉
  • Plan accordingly – The full Premiere Night Experience can take up to 90 minutes. Make sure you’ve had a bite to eat beforehand, or have some yummy snacks on hand to make the experience that much better!
  • Check out your Specials in advance – All credits, specials, & pricing expire at the end of your Premiere. Be sure to review them with your family members ahead of time. Once we finish viewing your photos, we’ll assist you in finalizing any pieces of artwork you might like to commission for your home.
  • BONUS TIP: If you’re planning to commission any wall art pieces, remember to send us a snap shot of your walls if you haven’t already. This will help us create virtual renderings of what your finished art pieces may look like in your space. Walls should be photographed straight on and include surrounding elements such as furniture, ceiling, carpet, etc. A standard 8.5×11 piece of printer paper should be taped to the center of the wall for scale.

We hope these tips are helpful in creating an amazing viewing experience for you guys! If you have any additional questions about your Premiere, please let us know! We are very much looking forward to showing you your beautiful images!