Valentines day can mean a multitude of things to a multitude of people!  To some, it’s a reminder of the love they don’t have – or the love they might have lost.  To some, it’s a huge sham to make you spend more money on those that you already spend money on probably every other day of the year.  To some it’s a genuine holiday to celebrate those that are close to you. I’ve probably experienced Valentine’s day from all of these perspectives.

Are you lonesome tonight??  Back in 2009 I started shooting Project Pin-Up!  I worked with multiple girls every month to photograph all the months of the year.  For February, I remember wanting to tell some type of story related to Valentines Day.  This year was one of those reminder-of-the-love-I-don’t-have years.  Can’t you tell?

Special thanks to Dr. Jane Barnette for a beautiful makeup job and Gaby Ebeling for her hilarious acting & modeling!  It’s an honor to work with such talented women.


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