I meant to post these a while back.  The very first warm weekend we had this spring, a group of friends decided to get together for a SWEET bbq at Stone Mountain Park, GA.  The food was delicious, the volleyball was fun.  I wish I wasn’t so busy eating the food, otherwise there would have been pictures of that too.  Lucky for my friends, I suck at all hand-eye coordination sport known to man.  Hence, I was able to grab a couple snapshots from the action that day!

I love this montage!  Hahahaa

Fares’ face was SO funny!!!!

And that FACE again!!!

They broke the “net” – this is them fixing it?

He poppin’, he rollin’, he rollin’ he climbin’ that pole and ……

And the adventures they had with that TREE!

Ken wanted to see if he could lift it himself….

Such a beast!

Now walk away like Denzel!

This sequence CRACKED ME UPPPP!!!!

This is how you know they’re brothers….

Atlanta Photographer