Destination Engagement Photos

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When was the last time you and your fiancé went on a vacation???  Has there been a trip you have dreamed of taking together but perhaps never found the time? – Even something as simple as traveling a few hours north to see the changing of the leaves in the fall, or traveling a couple hours south to find warmer weather and gorgeous sandy beaches?  In your searches for the best Atlanta wedding photographers, dj’s, florists, and just the craziness of wedding planning in general, destination engagement photos offer a way for our couples to go on a mini vacation, unplug, and truly connect to one another.  Plan a getaway!  Slow down.  Enjoy yourself.  Traveling to new destinations allow us to create a beautiful and unique set of images to commemorate the love you share as a couple.  As Atlanta wedding photographers, we ADORE traveling for destination engagement photos!

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