I went through a phase earlier this year and maybe part of last year where all I ate was frozen dinners and fast food.  Not healthy in the slightest.  It recently became known to me that one of my good friends from high school had taken a strong passion to cooking.  This boy can COOK.  Me, being the hungry hungry hippo that I am, struck a deal with my friend Joe – Make me dinner and I’ll photograph your food!  We’ve done several dishes this past year – I’ll probably be putting those up soon as well!  I wish I was a food critic and could write about food in a way that makes it sound amazing and delicious, but I am not.  This egg thing tasted like a buffalo wing though!  Sooo cool!  The sauce changes flavors in your mouth.  At first it tastes tangy and sweet, then the spice kicks in, then boom!  It tastes like a chicken wing!  :p Let me present to you –

Deconstructed Buffalo WingChicken fried egg with buffalo reduction, blue cheese mousse, and celery leaves

Joseph Wirt




Atlanta Commercial Photographer