Atlanta City Hall Weddings: A Simple and Elegant Choice

by Jaimie Dee

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Are you seeking a wedding day that exudes simplicity, elegance, and a touch of magic? If so, allow us to introduce you to the charm of having a civil ceremony at Atlanta City Hall. An Atlanta City Hall wedding promises to be a memorable and delightful affair.

As an established photography studio, Jaimie Dee Photography, we wholeheartedly endorse this unique wedding choice and are ready to be your trusted photography partner for capturing the enchanting moments of your special day.

City Hall Wedding Quick Facts:

When planning your Atlanta City Hall wedding, consider these essential facts to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience:

  1. Venue Reservations: For those envisioning an event-style wedding, it’s best to make reservations and secure your desired space. Atlanta City Hall offers various options, including the Old Council Chambers, and the stunning City Hall Atrium- perfect for larger gatherings! To explore the available spaces and obtain further details, visit the website.
  2. Marriage Licenses: A critical prerequisite for any wedding is the official Fulton County marriage license. Both individuals intending to marry must be present with valid identification to successfully apply for the marriage license.
  3. Weddings by Appointment: If you choose not to reserve a public space for your wedding, the ceremony will take place in the chambers of one of the judges or magistrates. For weddings conducted during off-hours or off-site, judges and magistrates may charge additional fees.
  4. Certified Marriage Certificate: Following your wedding ceremony, you can acquire a certified marriage certificate. These certificates can be collected in person or mailed to you. If you reside out of town or outside the country, simply provide the clerk with a self-addressed, stamped envelope with appropriate postage, and your copy/copies will be mailed to you.

Civil Wedding Ceremony Options in Atlanta

Atlanta City Hall offers several options for civil wedding ceremonies, allowing you to choose the setting that best suits your vision:

  1. In the Judge’s Chambers: Fulton County is home to numerous judges and magistrates who are more than willing to officiate civil marriages. Some judges even accommodate off-site ceremonies, while others prefer to conduct ceremonies in their office chambers.
  2. Historical Courthouse Weddings: For those yearning for a more picturesque courthouse wedding experience, look no further than the Historic DeKalb Courthouse located in Decatur, just minutes away from Atlanta. Here, you have the opportunity to reserve a Fulton County judge or magistrate to officiate your off-site wedding, adding an extra touch of charm to your special day.

First Things First – Obtain Your Fulton County Marriage License

Before diving into the exciting aspects of planning your Atlanta City Hall wedding, securing a marriage license is of paramount importance. For Georgia residents, acquiring a marriage license from their home county permits marriage anywhere within the state. However, non-residents who wish to tie the knot in Atlanta must obtain a marriage license from Fulton County.

Both parties seeking the marriage license must present valid government-issued identification and be single or divorced (if previously married, the exact and finalized divorce date is required).

Wedding Ceremonies at Atlanta City Hall

The Magistrate Court of Fulton County conducts wedding ceremonies by appointment, providing a convenient and memorable option for couples seeking an Atlanta City Hall wedding.

To ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved, guests are limited. Both the couple and their guests should bring valid marriage licenses and state-issued identification.

For couples wishing to employ our photography services, we are thrilled to be part of your special day! If you’re looking to get married at the Fulton County Courthouse, you are required to submit the Rule 11 to the magistrate court a couple weeks before your ceremony. This form allows us to bring our photography equipment into the courthouse, ensuring we can capture your most cherished moments in all their beauty.

For further assistance or to reserve your wedding ceremony slot, please reach out to the Magistrate Court of Fulton County. The court is located at 185 Central Ave. SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Why Choose Jaimie Dee Photography for Your Atlanta City Hall Wedding

At Jaimie Dee Photography, we recognize the profound significance of your wedding day and the memories it weaves. Our dedicated and amiable team is committed to preserving each precious moment, allowing you to treasure these memories for a lifetime.

Embracing a style that values simplicity, elegance, and the authenticity of emotions, our photography effortlessly complements the essence of Atlanta City Hall weddings. We understand that being in front of the camera can be overwhelming, which is why our experienced photographers skillfully ensure you feel at ease, allowing for genuine smiles, glances, and touches to be flawlessly captured.

When you entrust Jaimie Dee Photography with your wedding, you are not merely choosing a photography service; you are welcoming a team that genuinely cares about making your day extraordinary. It is a privilege to be part of your special moments, and we take immense pride in delivering timeless photographs that can be cherished for generations.

Your Atlanta City Hall wedding merits utmost care and attention, which is precisely what we offer when you choose us as your photography studio. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey of creating everlasting magic together on your big day!

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Atlanta Wedding Photographers - Jaimie Dee - us

About the Photographers

Hi! We're Jaimie & Kyle (+Associates) with Jaimie Dee Photography. We're Atlanta photographers based in the metro area and service clients all over the globe. Jaimie Dee Photography was established in 2008. We're primarily a wedding and portrait studio. Our images are crisp, clean & colorful and strike a balance between classic and candid styled portraits. Aside from the photography, we help you craft the perfect photo experience - from the beginning planning stages to the finished artwork hanging on your walls. When you're in front of our camera, we'll also offer you gentle guidance through a combo of stationary and movement based poses. We'll help bring out your inner diva too - even if you're shy! If you're looking for a photographer in the metro Atlanta area or beyond, we'd love to meet you!

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"Jaimie and Kyle captured our wedding day perfectly. We booked them for our engagement photos and we knew then that they had to join us for our wedding too! They are such an incredible team and so much fun! ... they really put us at ease. Our wedding photos look like US in the best way possible. They captured our dynamic, our silliness, and of course our love for each other...  You absolutely must book them for your big day."

– Rhiannon Youngbauer (See What Others Are Saying)


"... [Jaimie] was patient, friendly, and professional throughout the whole experience, and seemed genuinely interested in our story and relationship... She was able to very naturally capture our moments of happiness, and was a pro at finding great shots. Even the sales aspect of their services are very well put together and thorough. 100% recommend, and we will be contacting them for any services we need in the future."

– Corey McPhetridge (See What Others Are Saying)


" ... THE most organized, thoughtful, and excellent photography duo in the industry! Hands down!!  I have had the pleasure of working with Jaimie Dee and Kyle for years, and they NEVER miss!
My clients adore them and are always given the VIP treatment. I love their attention to detail, their masterful eye, and how they can be everywhere they need to be to capture the key moments.  We love them and highly recommend them!"

– Lauren Hines, Hinesmark Affairs (See What Others Are Saying)

Atlanta Elopement Packages

An Elopement (Courthouse/ Intimate/ Micro wedding) is defined as an event with fewer than 10-50ish guests - but we won't hold you to that! These intimate weddings only require 1-4 hours of coverage. Our Atlanta elopement packages are perfect if you're looking for a photographer for a small wedding. Don't need ceremony coverage? Stand alone Wedding Portrait Packages also available. Feeling confused? Check out our Elopement Guide!

Every COLLECTION includes edited digital jpgs from your wedding, access to our recommended wedding vendors, complimentary timeline planning, sneak peeks, and a complimentary Ordering Premiere.

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Available for Fridays - Sundays within the next 45 days


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Outdoor elopements booked Friday - Sunday must take place regardless of rain or shine & are required to have a suitable indoor backup location in the event of inclement weather.


Available for weekdays Monday - Thursday




A 50% retainer is due upon reserving your photo session time & date. Remaining balance to be paid 14 days prior to scheduled photo session.

* Additional travel fees apply for locations farther than 25 miles from the Studio (Marietta, GA). Additional fees also apply for locations that require a photography permit, entrance fee, paid parking, etc. Additional locations may be added on at an additional cost. Additional fees will apply for holiday dates.

** Digital JPGS are delivered in jpg format, approximately 2000x3000 px

*** Professional Editing includes color & exposure correction

Contact the studio for an exact quote.


  • Expedited Delivery (Same Day, Next Day & 1 Week)
  • “NDA” / Privacy of Photographs Agreement
  • Lighting/ General Assistant
Elopements, Engagements, Proposals, & Wedding Portraits

starting at $999 / $799


Atlanta Wedding Photographers at Ventanas

Micro Wedding/ Elopement FAQ's

Can I see a full price menu?

 While basic pricing info can be found on our website, exact pricing fluctuates based on studio availability, time of year, & required travel (if necessary).

To provide you with the most accurate pricing for your day, you will be asked to schedule a quick 15 minute phone call to discuss your exact needs. We may even create a custom quote designed specifically for your day. (WhatsApp calling also available for those outside of the USA.)

Photography is a huge decision - we want to do our best to provide you with the most accurate information for your day.

Who will be my photographer(s)?

Our micro wedding/ elopement collections include a Photo Team comprised of a Primary and a Secondary photographer, or a single Primary photographer. Assigned Photo Team pairings include:

  • Kyle + Associate Photographer
  • Jaimie Dee + Associate Photographer
  • Kyle + Jaimie Dee
  • 2 Associate Photographers

Single Primary photographers may include Kyle, Jaimie Dee, or an Associate Photographer based on studio availability.

Contact the studio directly for your Photo Team availability.

Learn more about your photographers here.

How many photos do I get from my wedding?

With one to two photographers included in every micro wedding/ elopement photography package, we average 100 – 150 images per hour.  For example – for a standard 4 hour intimate/ micro wedding, we typically deliver 400 – 600 images.  For a 120 minute elopement, we typically deliver 200 - 300 images. With fewer guests in attendance and fewer details to photograph, you can expect to receive fewer images on the spectrum.  With more guests and more details to photograph, you can expect to receive more images.

Do I get ALL of the photos from my wedding?

Prior to delivering your wedding photography end product, we remove duplicate images, test photos, blurry photos, and any other images that might dilute the quality of the overall end product.  The end product we deliver averages 100-150 images per hour. (Learn more about our Editing & Post Production Process here)

What photography equipment do you use?

We use all the photography equipments!  Haha, but seriously we bring whatever equipment we need to get the job done and then some.  With camera & equipment rentals available to photographers all throughout the United States (and probably the world), we can also rent additional equipment at any time if a particular job requires equipment we don’t already own.

Do you include videography services?

As we are primarily a wedding photography studio, we specialize in creating the best possible photography for your wedding day.  Although we do not currently offer videography as a service, we include a Preferred Vendors List (videographers included) to all of our booked wedding clients.

Do you have insurance?

Yes.  We have general liability insurance and equipment insurance. We are happy to provide proof of insurance if your venue requires it.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

Jaimie Dee Photography was established in 2008! Depending on your assigned wedding day photographers, you will typically have between 10 - 30 years of combined experience on your Photo Team. (Learn more about Jaimie Dee Photography's background & experience here)

Do you have any full weddings we can view?

Yepp.  Check out the blog here.  You can see all of our latest weddings there.  Be sure to also check out the extended slideshows that happen to accompany most of our blog posts as well.

Have you photographed at my wedding venue before?

Jaimie Dee Photography was established in 2008. If your wedding venue is in the metro Atlanta area, there is a high likelihood we've been to your venue before. (You can see previous venues we've worked at here - keep in mind, this is not a full conclusive list) In the event we have not photographed your venue in the past, (or you happen to be planning a wedding out of state, or outside the USA) we are happy to send samples of previous work from similar styled weddings. These previous wedding samples should help to offer insight for lighting conditions & general shooting styles for any given venue type. On the wedding day, we also typically arrive early to scout your location & check current lighting conditions.

Can you photograph my wedding in Switzerland/ Japan/ Hawaii/ insert cool place to get married here!

Yes, yes, and yassssss.  We love to travel & service couples all over the globe.  We simply charge additionally for travel + accommodation in addition to our regular collection pricing.

Do you offer any discounts?

There are very few circumstances in which we offer discounts.  However, in addition to our typical Wedding Photography Collections, we offer alternative pricing for weekday Courthouse & Intimate weddings (Monday-Thursday).  We also offer alternative pricing for non-wedding day bridal portrait sessions.  We do also offer value-added specials from time to time as part of our Consultation Booking Special.

My wedding venue is very dark – Do you bring additional lighting?

YES!  We bring…. ALL OF THE LIGHTS….. (Rihanna, anyone? 😜).  On camera flashes, off camera flashes, and even video lights that act as personal spot lights (so you can ….. shine bright like a diamond…..😝).   We bring lighting equipment to prepare for just about any situation that may or may not arise.  And on the off chance your venue is a dark church or chapel that doesn’t permit additional lighting, we photograph with professional grade equipment that specializes in low light situations.

Do you edit ALL of my wedding photos?

Yes & no! All of the images you receive (100-150 images per hour) are corrected for color & exposure – meaning the images will be brightened or darkened as necessary and colors are edited to look as true to life as possible with a little added pop. We then do a natural beauty style edit that includes subtle skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and eye brightening – including the under eye area. We also do our best to light and pose our couples correctly while photographing to create the most flattering images for every skin type, body size and shape – this should minimize the need for additional retouching. Our goal while photographing is to create the most flattering images that shouldn’t require additional retouching most of the time. (Learn more about our Editing & Post Production here)

Do you offer additional retouching? Like SUPER skin smoothing, ULTRA teeth whitening, body shaping, object removal, etc?

Your images are initially edited to look as true to life as possible with a little added pop (learn more about the process here). If you require additional custom retouching, we include this service complimentary for art pieces commissioned during your Ordering Premiere (learn more here). Your commissioned art pieces will be retouched to your level of specification to the best of our abilities, and even tinted or toned to perfectly match any room you wish to place your artwork in. This complimentary retouching service is also available for all images placed in your wedding album.

Additional Custom Retouching is currently only available for art pieces commissioned at your Order Premiere and currently unavailable as a stand alone service. If you have additional questions on this, feel free to contact us.

Do you back up our images?

Yaaaaaaas.  And our backups have backups!  While photographing images on the wedding day, our professional grade cameras record identical images to two separate cf/ sd cards simultaneously.  Upon returning to our studio from the wedding day, images are immediately uploaded to our local server as well as well as backed up by the cloud to an offsite server.  The cf/ sd cards are then stored in a fire proof/ waterproof secure vault on site until the images are shared with you in an online photo gallery.  At any given time there are 2-3 copies of your photos stored on and offsite. (Learn more about the Backup & Post Production Process here)

What happens if we cancel or reschedule our wedding?

In order to reserve your date, we require a signed wedding contract and a retainer payment.  This ensures your Photo Team does not accept other photography work on your date.  In the event of a cancellation or rescheduled wedding, our studio suffers a loss.  If this cancellation/ rescheduling occurs 60 days  or more before your wedding, liquidated damages include your retainer payment.  If this cancellation/ rescheduling occurs within 60 days or less of your wedding, then liquidated damaged include all monies paid. Contact us for additional questions.