What’s that saying?  A cobbler’s children has no shoes?  I’m sure all Atlanta Photographers know exactly what I’m talking about!  My second shooter – Madi and I – did this shoot about two months ago and I’ve only just managed to edit and get them posted!  Too many client shoots to take care of before I can even think about my own personal photo shoots.

As I was getting ready that summer afternoon for our portrait session, I started freaking out!  What do I wear??  How should I pose??  Does my hair look good???  I had to stop and think about all the advice I’ve given to my clients in the past when they ask me the exact same questions.  Why is it that I seem to forget everything I’ve ever told them when the situation is reversed??  Smh.

It’s so nice to be able to go out and experiment a little while shooting.  With this location, we were going for a more grungy look.  I also played around with a different editing technique that I think helped to emulate this feel.  Special thanks to my awesome second shooter Madi for great awesome pics!

Here are a couple highlights from the day-