Successfully kicking off the year with project Hot Shot on the go!  Similar to the Pin-Up Project from 2009, Hot Shot will be targeting local entrepreneurs in different markets – entertainers, artists, physical trainers, bakers, florists, etc.  The goal is to walk away with one clean head shot – for FREE!  Think of it as a networking project that will help you kick start your entrepreneurial career.  Each hot shot will have his or her bio/ contact information published on as well as the VIP newsletter.

Think of a new category?  Submit it in the comments!  Always looking for fresh new ideas to target for the rest of the year!



Nick Chiodo : Popping/Animation/Breakdancing

Facebook :

Phone : 678.756.8853

Info: Dancing for 6 years+, professionally for 2.  Hopes to make a career out of his passion.  Takes great pride in knowing the art, culture, and lifestyle of his dance genres. Teaches thorough understanding of all aspects of dance to his students.  Call or message through facebook for lessons and booking information.

“I am very blessed to learn from the individuals that have taken their time with me, and will continuously strive to progress in all areas of dance expression.”



Edward ‘Hero’ Han : Breakdancing

Facebook :

E-mail : edwardhan08@gmail.comInfo: Dancing for 6 years+, breaking for 5 years+.  Currently does choreography with Royal Flush Crew (abdc season 5).  Wants to pursue a career from dancing.  E-mail or message through facebook for booking information.



Cynthia Cohen : Dancer

Facebook :

E-mail :

Phone : 770.362.2225

Info: Dancer at Kennesaw State University. Dancing since she was two!  Currently teaches at The Fever Performing Arts of Carrollton, GA.  Her greatest passion is and always has been dance.  After school, she hopes to audition for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and enjoy traveling! Also plans to audition for cruise lines in Europe.  Call, e-mail or message through facebook for booking information.

“Right now, I’m focusing on being young and using my abilities to dance as much as possible.”


Atlanta Photographer